Burn Baby Burn (Fairytales of the Myth #1) by Miranda Grant

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We all know the story. Cinderella's father remarries. She gets a shitty new family. He dies in a tragic accident and she is forced into a life of servitude.

But what happens when Ella's father is murdered and she's sold to the Romans? What she meets a dark fae who tempts her to embrace the darkness in her heart? When he shows her the fire she was born with and coaxes those powers to light? What happens when he tells her that she doesn't need a prince.

She needs a crown.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Ella and Cadeyrn have been captured by the enemy, Ella has promised to get her revenge for their capture and her fathers death whatever it takes or how long she will make them pay. This is fairytales of the myth #1 Miranda Grant claims it is a dark steamy retelling of Cinderella it certainly is that!

I was absolutely hooked with this book. I actually was disappointed when I realised that I'd finished the book. It felt that I'd only just started reading it! I find it very interesting some of the things learnt - like I genuinely didn't know that a slave master in roman times were actually known as Domina/Dominus.

It certainly is steamy but I must say the sex scene of the threesome did actually bring tears to my eyes bloomin eck! A rather rough session!

I was fascinated with the growth of Ella and the discovery of her true self and the things she had hidden.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series definitely one I am going to continue to read. I am also going to look at some of Miranda's other series as they too look fantastic

4/5 stars an absolute recommendation by me!

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Miranda Grant has cycled three thousand miles up the Rocky Mountains on a tandem bike, launched herself off a cliff to go soar under a giant piece of thin fabric, and has stared down a mamma grizzly and her cub without losing a single limb. A true believer in that life is too short to waste away, she has a comprehensive bucket list and becoming a successful writer is just the next item on it. She defines success as not how much money she makes or how wide of an audience she captivates. To her, it's defined by transporting her readers into a new world and have them fall in love with its occupants. If she can do that, then this item is done. Though that is not to say her writing will be.

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