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Dr. Selena Evans just wanted to get away for a while, so she could get over Matthew and the way he tore her heart in two before slamming the front door in her face after four years of what she thought would be forever.

Crete seemed the perfect destination for a single mom to unwind a bit by herself. Something about Greece with all the beaches and old history had always called to something inside of her. She could never afford the trip before, what with every single penny going for her education, loans on her house, and John’s upbringing. Things changed, however, as soon as she finished her Ph.D. She can barely wait to get a hell of a tan, cruise all the clubs, and get all the hunks.

When she finally steps foot inside her room at the famously luxurious Cretan Aetos Resort, something pings red flags all around, and she pays the price for ignoring them real soon, when the actual owner catches her gorging herself in his food and champagne.

Christos Aetos doesn’t have time for anything that isn’t his kids, his family, and his job. Since the ugly divorce more than a year ago, he’s stayed away from women. He certainly doesn’t have time for one more attempt from Nik to get him to hook up with one of his girls. So, imagine his reaction when he finally gets to his personal apartment in his own bloody resort to find one of them making herself at home, stuffing herself with the chocolate cake he’d personally bought for when Tati and Egan arrived the next morning. It also doesn’t help that the woman was practically naked, with miles of bronze skin on display, legs that wouldn’t bloody quit, and those mesmerizing silver eyes.

She was feisty, that one. Christos can’t get her out of his head. Sad that he’ll never see her again.

At least that was what he thought before the perfect opportunity lands straight on his lap to go after her and make a proposition she can’t possibly refuse.

Will the vulnerable, surprisingly sweet billionaire CEO, and the headstrong psychologist learn to get along, or will they set fire to an already scorching Cretan summer?

Who knows? Maybe it will be both.

Author’s Note:

Two broken hearts learning to open up to love again, a nosy Greek clan, long dates, from beach parties to wine festivals, and characters that aren’t afraid to communicate. Charmed is a steamy contemporary romance, filled with sexual tension that will make you squirm. It’s a standalone with a guaranteed HEA.

Charmed features strong language, explicit sexual scenes, and mature situations. Reader discretion is advised.

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Selena cleared her throat loud enough to bring the man’s eyes back to her face. “Are you part of the staff? I don’t remember asking for room service, and even if I did, it’s rude that you’d just barge into my floor without calling up first.”

The tips of the man’s lips curved up, and a dimple formed on his cheek. Because of course he had dimples, too.

“Your floor?”

Selena’s chest tightened for a second. She should’ve listened to her sixth sense from before. It was just her luck that someone had messed up her sleeping arrangements on the first vacation she’d taken since John’d been born.

Before she could respond, the man took a step forward, eyes scanning her from top to bottom and back again. “So, it wasn’t my brother who sent you?”

This was the first long sentence he’d spoken, and the slight lilt to his words reached her ears like a caress; a song. It was peculiar, the way he spoke. It was very much British, but with a bit of the particular Greek cadence she’d experience since landing at Athens’ airport. The combination was doing horrors to her libido, and it was infuriating, if not embarrassing. What other things did the stranger have in his package? Mind-reading? Omnipresence? Goddammit.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir, but you need to give me a good reason not to call security in the next ten seconds.”

Utterly unfazed by her words, the man’s eyes glinted as he leaned back against the kitchen island and drew his hands into his pants pockets. If anything, he looked more amused by the second. His new stance only accentuated his chest muscles, same with his strong arms with their bulging biceps, as they strained against the cotton shirt.

Selena crossed her arms, more aware by the minute of how little clothing she had between her and temptation. Not that you could call a wool towel clothing.

“I’m sorry,” the man said after a few seconds of silence. “I’m just confused. If you’re not one of Nik’s girls, then how exactly did you managed to get into my place?”

“You— your place?”

Selena watched as the man rose an eyebrow, amusement plain in his features. He passed right by her, leaving a trail of his delicious Mediterranean scent, and finally reached his suit jacket, discarded earlier. From there, he retrieved his wallet and, between his forefinger and middle finger, flashed her a black card identical to the one the receptionist had handed out to her an hour or so ago.

“There must’ve been a mistake,” Selena muttered while going back to her things behind the counter.

Her purse was a mess. Chocolate, makeup, perfume, her own wallet. Everything but the little black card she was looking for.

Her face heated. She’d probably left it in the little pocket in her dress, which was still lying on the bathroom floor, way back there in the only unlocked room she’d found on this floor. She cleared her throat and grabbed the pepper spray before zipping the purse shut. Nowhere to put it, she crammed it between her breasts, under the towel, with as much discretion as possible.

When she lifted her eyes to make sure the man hadn’t gotten closer, her heart raced and she suppressed a gasp. He hadn’t moved, but it’d take blindness not to notice the fire in his eyes. He shot his gaze back to her face as soon as he realized she was looking, but it wasn’t quick enough. Selena’s lips thinned in outrage as a light pink spread under the tanned skin of the man’s cheeks.

“Just a second,” Selena said, before whirling around in the direction of the hall at her back.

The long stretch of corridor felt like miles, and Selena breathed a sigh of relief when she finally got to the bedroom. The open window, in the corner, had the curtains floating violently against the force of the winds, and it was welcome; cooled her sweaty skin. It was a hot night, yes, but little of it had to do with the weather now. Whoever that wall of sexiness was back there, everything that was him was calling to her most basic instincts, and it left her light-headed.

She finally reached the bathroom and scanned the room. In her excitement, she’d thrown her dress at the other side of the Jacuzzi. With quick steps, she reached for it and went for the pocket. The black card, as well as the printed paper with her room number, were thankfully there.

Smiling to herself, Selena turned around with all the proof she needed in hand.

She almost jumped out of her skin when her eyes landed on the stranger leaning against the door jamb, so big he practically covered the whole gap.

Startled, Selena thoughtlessly grabbed the pepper spray from between her breasts and aimed it at his face. “You try anything, and I swear to God I’ll use it.”

The man lifted both hands. “Calm down, sweetheart. I can’t just let a stranger loose inside my home without keeping my eyes on them, can I?”

Shaking, Selena studied him. Nothing about his body language screamed threat or rapist, so she ended up cramming the pepper spray back into its proper place. His eyes followed the movement, and it had her heart racing.

“Here,” she said, crossing the few steps between them to shove the card and paper at his face.

The man righted himself and took both the card and the little paper and, for the first time, his face grew somber.

“Selena Evans, uh?”

“Doctor Evans to you.”

The man’s eyes glinted as he lifted them from the paper to her face for a millisecond, but then his expression hardened. “Well, Doctor Evans, I believe we have a situation in our hands.”


The man nodded. “I’ll step out and go to reception. Give you a little…” His voice had turned lower and lower with each new word slipping out of his mouth, and something not entirely welcome flared in Selena’s stomach when the man unabashedly gave her the once-over to end all once-overs. “…privacy,” he finished, eyes once again locked on hers. She couldn’t breathe. Her whole being was trapped in the flashing interest coming off those heated blue eyes; in the deep voice resonating out of his wide chest; in the waves of heat coming off his body, smelling like sex and man.

“Be sure you don’t forget anything,” he added with a little smirk that showed a hint of straight, unblemished teeth, and a little jerk of his chin toward a spot on the floor behind her, as he started to turn around to leave. “Because of one thing I can assure you, love: once I come back from downstairs, you’re not staying.”

The man’s shadow had just disappeared from the bathroom doorway, out of her field of vision, when Selena looked in the direction he’d indicated. Heat rose from the bottom of her feet all the way to the roots of her hair when her eyes registered her discarded panties and bra, left behind on the bathroom floor in her haste to get clean and fresh, before.

Selena was still trying to decide if she wanted to slap him, scream at his face, claw his eyes out, or fuck him, when she finally found herself back in the kitchen area just a second before the elevator’s soft ding signaled the man’s departure, in the distance.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Crete may be hot but Christos Aetos is a whole lot hotter! (Fans self with one hand and sips an iced drink with the other).

Christos has had a difficult few years but he's a powerful, resilient and vulnerable man who prioritises his children and his CEO job... but his head gets turned by a goddess...

Dr. Selena Evans is beautiful, intelligent and a caring mother. She's been dealt a crappy hand (as*hole ex) and is finally doing something for herself. She's rebuilding her confidence and independence with a long overdue vacation.

Although she has the intention of having fun and a few flings, Selena is totally unprepared for Adonis to walk into her hotel room.

Charmed is smoking hot with a sweet streak, definitely fan worthy! Grab a cold drink and enjoy this sizzling read.

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