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Coming Out on the Field by Sam Kestrel

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A coming out age-gap love story with a cast of softball players and plenty of steam.

Dee needed to get out from under her controlling parents, even if only for a couple of hours a week. She signed up for softball, clueless to that fact that the Toaster Ovens was a team of out lesbians ten years her senior.

Being around the team sparked a familiar feeling inside of Dee, one that blossomed into an awaking of her true identity. Coming out to a teammate leads to sparks in the bedroom. But hurt feelings soon follow, and Dee struggles to play on a team with Sara whom she likes but can’t be with.

Dee’s parents force her to make a choice, one that requires her to ask for help from the one person she doesn’t want to face. Can she reach out to Sara? And if she does, how will it be to stay, even for a night, at the home of her first crush?

A lesbian romance novella that will raise the temperature in the room.

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3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, just like the book.

I liked the tale, for the most part. Given the page count, a lot is packed in, but thought so much more could have been made of Dee's parents and how they are. A longer book could have lent itself to a much deeper insight into them and what they would do to Dee.

I didn't feel much of a connection to either Dee or Sara. And I didn't think it at all explicit. Might have even enjoyed it more had it come out clean, to be honest.

But the thing that I struggled the most with was the changing point of view. There is no gap in some places. You are literally reading from Dee's point of view and the next sentence, it's Sara's, often in the same paragraph. I'm all for everyone having a say, but a clear indication of change is needed, even if it's JUST a paragraph break.

A short and sweet read, but not one that pushed any of my buttons.

3 stars, cos I did finish it.

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Sam Kestrel writes lesbian erotica, romance and mystery. Sam is a quiet, behind-the-scenes kind of gal and she can't actually believe that with this pen name, she had the guts to start writing erotica. Just another lesson in the universe having other ideas when we're off making plans. In her other life she writes children's books and figures that it's best to keep these pen names separate. Think of her as writing for the entire family. She has something for almost everyone! Her writing journey started on Medium where she began with short stories of 2k words or less. But now she wants to write more complicated characters and stories and is shifting into longer works that will allow her to do that. Through her newsletter and website,, Sam hopes to connect with her readers. She really wants you to drop her a line. No kidding. And newsletter subscribers get a free epilogue to Working From Home, a short story not available anywhere else.

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