Dallas Cop: True Tales from a Career by Ray Dethloff

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Relaxed conversations with friendly neighbors interrupted by senseless violence Patrolling the silent night streets-then suddenly, the thrill of the chase Boredom, instantly interrupted by massive adrenalin dumps Needing to remind yourself that most people are good while you interact daily with criminals and people of questionable character in dire and surreal situations "...He knew why I was there and admitted that things got a little out of hand. When I asked him why his shirt had blood on it, his answer astonished me. His ex-my complainant-had stabbed him in the chest with a buck knife!" She conveniently left out that 'incriminating fact' when she told me what happened. When people find out that you were a cop, they want to hear some good stories. These are some of mine. A hard-working veteran Dallas street cop vividly recounts 100 actual events he experienced during his career: 1990-2016. He had no idea what he was getting into.

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What is the title of your book?

DALLAS COP True Tales from a Career

What is your book about?

100 true stories from my 26 yr career with Dallas PD

Why did you decide to write it?

I realized as a young rookie cop in 1990 that there was so much good material for a book that I vowed to publish a book about my exploits upon retirement.

How did you get your book published?

I did some research and believed that Outskirts Press would be able to assist and guide me through the publishing process as I had zero knowledge.

What types of readers will be interested in your book?

Anybody who has been or will be a Law Enforcement officer, is a citizen who wants to understand and appreciates good police work, and would enjoy reading detailed first-hand TRUE CRIME experiences from a Patrol officer.

What is special about your book?

There are 100 true stories from my career that vary in length from a page to several pages. If you have just a spare several minutes, you can sometimes read an entire story. All 100 stories/chapters are individually titled.

What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

I was a Patrol officer my entire career and had the foresight to keep the equivalent of a Journal with hundreds of varied police exploits and 911 calls. ALL police officers wish that they did this, but only an exceptional few ever do. Many books written by police officers are about their police careers AFTER they worked as a patrol officer, as a detective or an upper echelon officer and might be about community policing and/or their varied positions in their department, but they haven’t answered a 911 call in decades.

Even for most of these officers, working patrol was the most exciting time of their careers. I never wanted to be a detective, and the more ranks you promote, the further away you are from the grunt work and the dangers--and excitement-- of the streets.

Have you published any other books, and do you plan to publish more?

I have enough material for two more books, a DALLAS COP Volume II, and (you guessed it), a DALLAS COP Volume III. They are just months away from publication themselves.

How can someone learn more about your book or purchase it?

If anyone lives in or visits the Dallas area and would like to buy 5 or more books, I will meet them personally. Otherwise, any reader can review excerpts from my book while they are on Amazon. My book is also sold by Barnes & Noble, Target, Wal-Mart, and others. Thank you for your interest!

Hello, thanks for your interest. I chose this photo to honor my parents. Varying levels of attention or neglect from your parent(s) determine so much of who and what you are. I was fortunate to have been raised as a good kid in a stable middle-class home in Morton Grove, Illinois. Believe it or not, I didn't swear as a kid because I grew up hearing and saying "dagnabit", "shoot", "darn it" and "dog gone it". I know, very tame. No silver spoon in this mouth, I was a paperboy, cart boy, caddie, and a factory worker after I graduated high school. After 3+ years in a factory, I had to get out and joined the U.S. Marines where my factory labor gave me a near perfect PFT score. Post Marines, I had the motivation to do 4 years of college and my first job afterwards was as a stockbroker in downtown Chicago. The '87 market downturn hit hard. I quit knowing I could return to the securities industry within 2 years without retaking exams. Perusing classified ads from various cities across the USA, I stumbled upon an ad for the Dallas PD with a toll free number (yes, I became a cop on a whim). Adventuresome, after being hired I moved to Texas where I knew not one soul. The rest you know. If you like a job and work hard, you will be good at it. I enjoyed my career.

Like so many people, as a young adult I struggled to find my path in this world. I discovered as a cop that I thrived on excitement. If you've made it this far, I think you do too.

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