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Darling Descent (Confessional #1) by Leighann Hart


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A university psychiatrist. A curious undergrad. A dangerous attraction. When Kenna O’Callaghan visits Dr. Dayton Merino to propose a mentorship, she freezes. There’s something familiar about him. His scars. His black eyes and hollow stare. She’s seen him once before, emerging from the confessional ahead of Christmas Eve Mass. Kenna soon learns he had plenty to confess when an acquaintance divulges a dark truth and in a quest for answers she finds herself tangled in a web of his strange behavior with former patients. But in the heat of her secret investigation she fails to see she’s his next subject. As the evidence against Dr. Merino grows, so too do her illicit feelings and she faces the impossible choice of loving him or destroying him.

Author's note: recommended audience 18+

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Alex Bella Charlee Dakota Erin Freya Giselle Harmony Ivy Jasmine Dayton stared at the creased paper. The seemingly insignificant list that was the center of his perverse universe.

Acquiring his last subject came at the price of an inordinately long recovery period and laying low for more than a year had him thirsting for the chase. Fruitless months without insights or satiation.

January was in its infancy. A new semester with new possibilities. His chest swelled as he regarded the stark white walls of his office. He too had hit a wall. He couldn’t delay his research any longer.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Kenna is looking for a mentor she can't travel far so is stuck on campus. The dark Dr. Dayton Merino the university psychiatrist, who seems very familiar to Kenna but he's hiding something and she is determined to find out who's hiding behind the mask.

This is the first book in the confessional series. This story is completely captivating and I thoroughly enjoyed the constant suspense and tension between both of the main characters. I was a little shocked by the last confession by Dayton I don't want to give too much away as you will find out when you read it.

This is a very intense storyline with a lot of action, I want to say, but not always physical, mental would possibly be more accurate with them both playing games with each other.

I sincerely enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.

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Leighann Hart has been an avid adorer of fiction since the age of 5, when her father started reading the Harry Potter series to her and she fell in love with the brooding Severus Snape.

And that love bred a shameful number of Snamione fanfics in the coming years.

Now, she writes her own stories with snarky, though usually sensitive, male leads and brainy but rebellious heroines.

She enjoys coffee, sushi, and long walks through the aisles of used bookstores—in that order.

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