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The fight to save my city and everyone in it has only just begun. It's time to sharpen the cat claws and unleash the spider fangs because this half shifter is out to catch her prey.

There’s a toxic memory-warping drug sweeping the city streets and its deadly magic is breaking the minds of everyone around me. The brain-melting poison has already claimed the life of my good friend, and if that’s not bad enough, the criminal mastermind responsible for this chaos has a grudge against my father and viciously attacks him along with the family business. There’s not much that gets under my skin, but things are starting to feel a bit personal.

That’s why I’m about to break every rule in the book and do whatever it takes to bring down the savage who decided to drag my friends and family into this mess.

Unfortunately, saving the city and the people I care about comes at a cost. My mission takes an unexpected twist and when I discover the true reason this magic has infested my home, I’m forced to make an impossible choice: do I protect the people I love or put an end to this catastrophe once and for all to stop more minds from being destroyed ever again?

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Ryker scratched a finger under his chin, then his gaze shot to me, studying me for a few seconds before making his decision. “Fine. Five minutes or we’re coming to get you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Understood. I can handle myself much longer than that anyway.” I patted him on the chest. “Can you guys, um, look away for a second?”

Without question, they both turned their attention elsewhere. They knew about my ability to turn myself into a spider, but there was something about it that put people on edge and made me a little insecure. Most people hated the creatures, and I turned into an ugly, black, hairy arachnid. I’d lost track of how many times people had tried to squash me. It was too bad I couldn’t completely shift into a cat. They were much more likable animals.

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Christine is a pug loving foodie who has an unhealthy obsession with unicorns, and you'll definitely see bits of that shine through in her stories. As a young child, she would put her imagination to work, pretending to live in a fantasy world where she could fly, fight the bad guys, and save the world. Although she could never master the art of flying, she did manage to eventually put all those ideas down on paper and is currently working on two series: Black Sheep and NightFly.


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