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Drop Dead Dangerous by Ryan Green



In 1974, the US East Coast was whipped up into a frenzy of fear. Locking their windows and doors, everyone was terrified of becoming the next victim of the strikingly handsome but deadly “Casanova Killer”. And he was on the move.

After being released from jail and promptly abandoned by his fiancée, Paul John Knowles embarked on a spate of gruesome murders on a road trip up the Pacific Coast.

No room for fear, no room for guilt, just the road.

As the man-hunt gathered pace, the cold-blooded killing spree continued to defy detectives. With no visible pattern in the age, race nor gender of the victims, Knowle’s joyride of kidnap, rape and murder tore across multiple state borders. It became a race of tragically high stakes. How many more lives would be lost before the police finally caught up?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

DROP DEAD DANGEROUS is about a young man with a rough start in life that gets bad before it gets even worse than that. Paul John Knowles had the looks and charm to make a go of things and turn his life around. However, after being rejected on a doorstep, he goes the other way and becomes a cold-blooded killer.

Admitting to over thirty deaths, charged with eighteen, this story details his beginnings, the journey, and the ending of this killer. Told in Ryan Green's distinctive style, you not only get the facts and figures but also get taken into the mind of the murderer.

A disturbing read, this had me gripped. Absolutely recommended by me for all fans of #TrueCrime.

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Ryan Green is a true crime author in his late thirties. He lives in Herefordshire, England with his wife, three children, and two dogs. Outside of writing and spending time with his family, Ryan enjoys walking, reading and windsurfing.

Ryan is fascinated with History, Psychology and True Crime. In 2015, he finally started researching and writing his own work and at the end of the year, he released his first book on Britain's most notorious serial killer, Harold Shipman.

He has since written several books on lesser-known subjects, and taken the unique approach of writing from the killer's perspective. He narrates some of the most chilling scenes you'll encounter in the True Crime genre.

"Ryan Green is an incredible storyteller...he doesn’t just tell the story, he allows you to be part of it." ~Blackbird

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