Escape the Choice (The Choice Series #1) by Ellie Yarde

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How do you make a choice when you don't want to choose?

Oliver's friendship may be important to Ali, after all, she's the only friend he's got, but that's all they will ever be – friends. When it comes to Noah, she can't help but hope their friendship will become something more. Her heart flutters when he is near, and her eyes always seem to find his.

Unfortunately for Ali, Oliver would make things very difficult if anything were to happen between her and Noah, and while Noah has never told her not to be friends with Oliver, his distaste for the man is quite clear. For Ali to resolve the ongoing dispute, she will have to choose between them. But how can Ali choose between the two men when her decision will mean she has to cut one of them from her life?

A quick read filled with friendship, love, and a deep adoration of coffee and muffins.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Ali is at university and has 2 boys that she is friendly with one of them wants it to be more than friends with Ali whilst she wants to be more than Friends with the other she just doesn't know how to make the choice.

This is the first short story of the choices series by Ellie Yarde. I found it really well written, However I was not happy with the ending, not because its bad I just wasn't ready for it to end I wanted more from the story!

I'm glad that Ali was able to wake up and see the situation she was being manipulated into and made the right choice in my opinion, nobody should be made to feel the way that Oliver has made her feel.

Having been in similar situations myself I could feel my gut churning when she was being almost scolded by Oliver for not spending time with him, doing things she wanted to do, I wanted to almost climb into the book and shake her to make her realise that any relationship shouldn't be that hard to have, I do understand sometimes its not that easy to see when your the one in the middle of the situation and you like to see the best in everybody.

I really hope Ellie continues to write these stories as they are really enjoyable, maybe have a go at making them a little longer perhaps if at all possible. they are very easy going stories with some drama but a nice easy read.

I give 4/5 stars and recommend you read it.

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Ellie Yarde is primarily a reader and blogger. She writes short stories, which are published on her blog, Reading All Night, where she also shares her reviews. Escape The Choice is Ellie’s debut novel, and the first in The Choice Series.

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