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Tour: Esperanza's Way (The Seekers #2) by Cindy Burkart Maynard

Book details:

Book Title: Esperanza’s Way

Series: The Seekers Series, Book 2

Author: Cindy Burkart Maynard

Publication Date: June 13, 2023

Publisher: Historium Press

Page Length:262

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Motivated by the memory of her mother dying in her arms, Esperanza resolves that she will one day walk the halls of the Scola Medica at Salerno and train to become a healer.

Fate brought Amika, a talented herbalist, into her life and helped Esperanza take her first steps toward gaining the knowledge that would fulfill her dream.

Unfortunately, a tragic accident forced Esperanza to flee Amika’s home. Her journey toward finding the path to success is littered with stumbling blocks, some more difficult to avoid than she expected.

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In the small hours of the night, heavy footfalls awoke her. She listened closely as they grew louder and closer until her curtain scraped against its rope as it was ripped open. She sat bolt upright, clutching the edge of the blanket to her chin. Shock coursed through her body blinding her so completely that she didn't recognize the figure looming over her until he was upon her. His calloused hand pressed against her mouth and nose so she could hardly breathe.

“Don't make a sound or I'll throw you overboard.” She recognized Ibrahim's voice, but it was strangely garbled and muddy, and his breath reeked of wine. Instinctively, she kicked and writhed, reaching for his hair, dislodging his head cover. Free of its turban, his hair hung in grey, spidery hanks over his cheeks. He clenched both of her wrists with one hand, and pinned them to the floor over her head, then pressed a strong forearm against her neck hard enough, that, with only a little more pressure he could easily choke her.

“I am here to help you.” His words rumbled from deep in his throat, as garbled as far off thunder. “I am going to show you what you can expect on your wedding night. Your new husband is an old man, used to the ministrations of women. He will appreciate a wife who understands how to please him.”

Outrage and disgust overwhelmed her. She fought back, struggling and kicking with all her strength. He released the arm pressed against her neck but continued pinning her hands to the ground. With his free hand he clutched her shift, pushing it up. For a mere second or two, he shifted his weight as he adjusted his position. In the tussle, the hand that fumbled for his clothes slipped just enough for her to bite it. She bit hard until the metallic taste of blood oozed onto her tongue.

Cindy Burkart Maynard is passionate about history, and the natural world, a passion that adds rich detail and context to her historical fiction novels. Her characters come to life on the page as they portray what it was like to live in another time and place. She weaves compelling, dramatic stories based on strong characters facing daunting challenges. She has co-authored two nonfiction works about the Colorado Plateau and the Desert Southwest and contributed articles to Images and Colorado Life Magazines. She has been a Volunteer Naturalist for Boulder County for more than twenty years, and served as a Docent at the Sonora Arizona Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ. Awards: Colorado Authors League Award Winner for Western Literature

Women Writing the West Award Finalist WILLA Literary Award finalist for soft cover fiction.

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Author Winner of the Marie M. Irvine award for Literary Excellence

Professional Affiliations:

Historical Novel Society of North America

Lighthouse Writers

Women’s Fiction Writers Association

Colorado Authors League

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Authors Guild

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Tour hosted by: The Coffee Pot Book Club

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