Face the Music (A Series of Falling Stars #2) by M.L. East

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Kasugai Ryo – your lawfully wedded nightmare.

K-Pop’s five brightest stars are about to embark on DigitAlive–a world tour the likes of which have never been seen–but the show can’t go forward without all five Vortex members, so first, they need to tie up some loose ends at home in Seoul. Namely, Kasugai Ryo is secretly tying the knot with fellow idol and expat, Kit Allister, in the riskiest marriage of the millennium. With Ryo’s family fighting to blackmail him out of Vortex, this ploy is his only hope of freedom, but it’s little more than a gamble to exploit a loophole in their demands. Whether it pays off or not, the vigilant millions of Vortexans cannot find out, and neither can Kit’s angsty ex-beau, Oh Saichi.

Between mutual disdain, freshly shattered hearts, and six careers on razor’s edge, “it’s complicated” is an understatement, and there’s more than just a tour at stake. Phantoms from someone’s ghastly past are stalking Seoul’s streets, hunting Vortex members one by one. Can Ryo and Kit keep their alliance a secret, outsmart the Kasugais, and save Vortex in time for the launch of DigitAlive? Even if they succeed, this scheme might cost Kit her career… and life as she knew it.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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This is the second book in the a series of falling starts set and I thoroughly enjoyed this one as much as the first. I'm also glad it's not over yet as I'm not ready to say goodbye to any of the characters yet.

There are so many emotions and different feelings that are dealt with in this story the confusion that some of the members of the band deal with regarding themselves, sexuality, feelings certainties and hopes. It's a brilliant story to read that centres about relationships, different sexualities and also finding yourself and trying to understand your own self and worth. It sheds a whole different light on what seems to be a simple routine of a world famous K-pop band there is a lot more too it.

You are doing a fantastic job, M.L. East, at bringing very sensitive subjects to light in a calm and understanding manner with just enough humour in there just to make it not so heavy. Keep up the fantastic work well done.

5/5 stars a definite recommendation, please read the series!

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M.L. lives with many imaginary pets in an apartment (well-fortified against netizens) in an undisclosed location (that is definitely not Ohio). She's been reading and writing books, poems, and lyrics since age three or four-ish, back when paper was a thing. Her debut novel "Trick of the Spotlight" brings us a scandalous exposé of the K-Pop music industry. A Series of Falling Stars is inspired by events recounted (in strict confidence) by a former (totally non-fictitious) acquaintance who found herself swept up in the destructive vortex of a certain 5-man group.

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