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Tour & #Giveaway: Fate in Suspension (Horn & Haven #1) by Archer Kay Leah

Book details:

Fate in Suspension

by Archer Kay Leah

(Horn & Haven, #1)

Publication date: June 30th 2022

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#Adult, #Fantasy, #LGBTQIA+, #Paranormal, #Romance,

Quiet. That’s how he likes life, no drama to clean up…

Tai Xen-Vorsy leads a straightforward life: work, time at the local clubs where shapeshifters like him can play without fear, and the comforts of home with a cat that’s more than half attitude. After breaking up with his last submissive, he’s even taking a break from Dom duties.

Meeting Gates changes everything, and when Tai’s childhood home is destroyed, his simple life goes up in flames.

The Callensdale haven was his refuge as an orphan, a hideaway that saved his life. Now it’s time to return the favour. Bringing in the Fluff Brigade Brotherhood would make all the difference… if he could just get them back together. Tai won’t give up—he’s not that kind of unicorn. But can he reunite the brotherhood and keep his new relationship with Gates kindled at the same time?

The darkness is dragging him into the shadows, one case at a time…

Helping others is all Gates Colfaethe wants to do, being mostly unicorn shifter with a splash of Faerie. But years as an agent on trafficking cases leave him fearing just how far he’ll lose himself in the job before he burns out completely.

A random hookup with Tai might be the very change he needs. A new Dom means new rules and the chance to create safe distance from work—until his worlds collide in a twist Gates should leave well enough alone. What he knows is bad enough, but running headlong into danger could kill him.

Horn & Haven is an MM+ romance series featuring a found family of unicorn shifters brought together by tragic circumstances. Friends out to save a magical world in trouble. Family fighting to protect those they love. Lovers falling for the kinkiest unicorns this side of their universe… Welcome to the Fluff Brigade Brotherhood.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I liked this, a lot. It's a very different sort of shifter book and that it has unicorns made it all the more special.

I can't stretch to 5 stars for a couple of reasons.

It's a LONG book, some 500+ pages. It does, however, even with all those pages, NOT say a lot!

I still have no idea what being an AGENT means, or what that role entails. Gates doesn't seem to like being an Agent much! Clearly, it has some negative connotations, but those are explained when Tai tells gates about his experience with other Agents.

Something happened in Gates' work world, then there was the destruction of the Haven and I wasn't sure, STILL am not sure, whether these two events were one and the same! The implication, or at least I got an implication, was that they were, but that point was never fully made clear.

I will always say, I don't like the massive info dumps you get when entering a new world. I like little and often. However, here? You are thrown in headfirst into the deep end, and it takes a time to be able to swim to the surface, and breathe!

It says at the back of the book that this is a spin-off from another series by this author. One I have NOT read. I wonder if reading those would have given me a bit of a life raft before reading this one.

What I did like, nay, what I LOVED was the chemistry between Gates and Tai. It jumps off the page at every turn and burns hot and bright right through the book. It's clear, right from the start, for both men, that this was something different to what had gone before. There was an air about it that scared them both, and it was great watching them battle with themselves, to work it all out.

AND!! I loved that shifting, and turning, take a massive backdrop to this book, rather than being front and centre. Both men do turn at some point, but Gates only twice and Tai just the once.

So, I liked it but found it a bit too long.

4 good solid stars

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Archer Kay Leah is an LGTBQA+ romance author that you’ll often find getting lost in strange, fantastical worlds with characters who can’t help but find trouble and shake things up. Fantasy and sci-fi romances are Archer’s speciality, especially when they’re complex and emotionally charged. But at the heart of Archer’s stories are friendship, family, and there’s always a happy ending–it might just take a whole lot of complications to get there! When not reading and writing for work or play, Archer is a nerd of much geekery, loves music to depths that will never be contained, and is fascinated by behaviour, psychology, and ecology. Born and raised in Canada, Archer lives in London, Ontario with a non-binary partner who loves all things out there in the vast space of the universe.

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