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February 2023

Hey, everyone

After an unusually warm Christmas, the weather has now gotten colder. We've had days of sun, torrential rain, freezing rain, and snow. Today is the first time we've had plus temperatures overnight in ages. It's all going on here. Hopefully, you'll find something to keep you occupied as you stay warm and snug indoors!

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Until next time, take care and stay healthy!


Remind Me (Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romances #4) by Aislinn Archer

Recipe for a Delicious Love Story:

• 1 spicy rockstar

• 1 salty chef

• a sweet first love

• a bitter break-up

• a dash of revenge, served cold

• a menu that's truly magical

— Mix well. Serve steaming hot in a quirky little beach town.

They’d dreamed of a future together, even at 17. But one crazy night, one huge mistake and the rising star of his rock-god life tore that future apart. Twelve years later, fate’s pulled them together again. Will she serve him bitter just desserts, or together will they cook up a magical second-chance romance?


This was supposed to be a vacation, a chance to rest, relax and record. But as soon as I saw it -- this same town, the boardwalk, the quaint little restaurants… The worst thing I ever did came back to haunt me. I thought I was doing the right thing back then, leaving her. But finding her here again… Why does it feel like fate wanted to bring us back together? All I know is I can’t get her out of my head, now that I’ve seen her again. But then she’s never really been out of my head, or my heart. And it’s past time I told her that.


He didn’t leave me at the altar, but in some ways it was even worse. Never again, I said. So I locked my heart away and put my passion into my other dream. Twelve years later, my restaurant is on the cusp of real success. So why is it now that he shows up again, determined to tear down the walls I built to keep myself safe? He’s already throwing me off my game in the kitchen. But if he thinks I’m falling for that rockstar charm -- again -- he’s got a big surprise coming.

“Remind Me,” Book 4 in the Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance series, is a first-love, second-chance romance, with an enemies-to-lovers streak that goes just one way. Declan wants to make up for his past mistakes. Callie wants to make him pay. The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach, but Callie’s uniquely qualified to serve up a tasting menu of retribution — heartache on a platter; pain à la mode; revenge, served cold. Can Declan reignite the flames of long-ago love and thaw Callie’s heart for good?

Note: A content review for this and other books in the series can be found on the author’s website at If you have concerns about content you may find disturbing, make sure to check the content review for the book before buying or reading.

The author will donate 10% of the royalties from the sale of this book to the SoDel Cares Foundation in honor of Chef Matt Haley. Haley was the recipient of the James Beard Foundation’s 2014 Humanitarian of the Year Award. After his death in 2014, the SoDel Cares Foundation was founded in his honor. The nonprofit supports local organizations that assist children, at-risk youth and adults, and the elderly, including the Food Bank of Delaware.

Release Date: 6th January 2023

#Fantasy, #RockStar, #Romance


Misfire (Kate Downey Medical Mystery, #2) by Tammy Euliano

A device that can save a life is also one that can end it

Kadence, a new type of implanted defibrillator, misfires in a patient visiting University Hospital for a routine medical procedure—causing the heart rhythm problem it's meant to correct. Dr. Kate Downey, an experienced anesthesiologist, resuscitates the patient, but she grows concerned for a loved one who recently received the same device—her beloved Great-Aunt Irm.

When a second device misfires, Kate turns to Nikki Yarborough, her friend and Aunt Irm's cardiologist. Though Nikki helps protect Kate's aunt, she is prevented from alerting other patients by the corporate greed of her department chairman. As the inventor of the device and part owner of MDI, the company he formed to commercialize it, he claims that the device misfires are due to a soon-to-be-corrected software bug. Kate learns his claim is false.

The misfires continue as Christian O'Donnell, a friend and lawyer, comes to town to facilitate the sale of MDI. Kate and Nikki are drawn into a race to find the source of the malfunctions, but threats to Nikki and a mysterious murder complicate their progress. Are the seemingly random shocks misfires, or are they attacks?

A jaw-dropping twist causes her to rethink everything she once thought she knew, but Kate will stop at nothing to protect her aunt and the other patients whose life-saving devices could turn on them at any moment.

Release Date: 3rd January 2023

#Medical, #Thriller


Origins: The Seven Series Book 3 by Cheree Alsop

Lost and hurting

Conri finds a place with the Rabbits, a motorcycle gang that channels his drive to do anything to save humans from Extremists who are growing more powerful and daring by the day.

˃˃˃ Facing Danger

With Cherish at his side, Conri loses himself in the work until an opportunity presents for him to delve deeper and find out who is behind the merciless organization.

˃˃˃ A Life at Risk

When the truth puts the one he loves most in at the whim of his enemies, Conri has to choose between what his heart wants and a danger able to change the fate of werewolves and humans everywhere.

Release Date: 14th December 2022

#Fantasy, #Paranormal, #ComingofAge


Time Peels All to Original White: Xueyan Poems by Xueyan

  • Inventive, beautiful, and deep, the poems of Time Peels All to Original White muse on subjects of perennial relevance in fresh, literary ways. -Foreword Clarion Reviews

  • Richly emotional poems of faith, connection, and eternity. The sacred, the eternal, the ecstasy of intimacy: Xueyan binds all this together, in tight, gripping verse. -BookLife by Publishers Weekly

  • A Chinese poet seeks answers in the sky and the soul in this debut collection. From the first page to the last, the poems are dramatic and deeply spiritual. -Kirkus Reviews

Time peels all to original white but the color of eyes remains Yours black butterfly slumbers on snow dreaming of moonlight.

Release Date: 3rd February 2023



We Are All Addicts: The Soul's Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions by Carder Stout, PhD

Spirituality is a powerful thing, but can connecting with one's soul help kick addictive behaviors? Find out in Dr. Carder Stout's self-help must read. . .

In We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions, Dr. Stout offers spiritual solutions to the complex problems created by addiction. He focuses primarily on the idea of the soul and how this authentic voice has the ability to heal addictive cycles. The soul is pure consciousness untethered from human experience and Dr. Stout will demonstrate how to connect deeply to it through exercises, meditations, visualizations and writing. These solutions to the obsessive thinking and compulsive actions caused by addiction are unconventional and most of them have only been shared with his patients in therapy. Dr. Stout believes that the soul has the capacity to completely remove addiction from the psyche. He uses these exercises himself and has been sober for fifteen years.

As an expert therapist treating clients for addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships, Dr. Stout is adept at helping clients become more truthful with themselves. It is with this expertise, he breaks down his theory of "We Are All Addicts" in a compellingly readable guide so you can understand the addiction getting in the way of your life and how to overcome it by connecting to the ultimate truth of your core being and learning to love yourself to the fullest.

Release Date: 10th January 2023

#Spiritual, #SelfHelp


Hello, Head, Meet Heart: How to Tap into Your Extraordinary Life by Hannah Morgan Austin

Are you tired of holding it together on the outside, only to end up feeling more unfulfilled and uninspired on the inside?

If you're ready for a breakthrough, 'Hello, Head, Meet Heart' will be your ultimate guide to breaking up with burnout and tapping into the most extraordinary version of your life.

Written by a corporate leader and anti-burnout expert Hannah Morgan Austin, this book is full of personal insights straight from the fire.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • What burnout really looks like, and how you can recognize it in yourself

  • How to chart a course toward a new life beyond burnout, based on hundreds of stories from powerhouse professionals

  • How to turn towards yourself and discover who you are and who you want to be

Your most extraordinary life is waiting for you beyond these pages. This raw and engaging book will leave you feeling truly hopeful and inspired.

Release Date: 5th January 2023

#Occupational #SelfHelp


Scintilla (El Corazon #1) by Elizabeth Noble

How far is too far to go to save someone you love?

Brandon Lynch is magical. He’s a scintilla, wielder of electricity and is in love with a werewolf—or maybe he’s just in love with the idea of loving a werewolf?

Raul Fierro is a bounty hunter and a werewolf. He knows he loves Brandon. He’s made a promise to always protect Brandon and will carry out that promise at all costs.

When Brandon and Raul go head to head with human traffickers, Brandon’s morals are stretched to their limits. Will Raul keeping his promise tear them apart?

On sale for $2.99 (50% off) or read in KU!

#Fantasy, #MM, #Romance


Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Box Set by Elizabeth Pantley

An accidental journey through a magic mirror. A portal to an enchanted land. A mysterious family she never knew she had. Hayden's life is upended with the wonder of Destiny Falls. But here always seems to be a mystery to unravel and a murder to solve. Luckily, Hayden, her sassy sidekick Latifa, and their growing circle of family and friends are always up for the task. There’s never a dull moment in this captivating world. Book 1 – Falling into Magic When Hayden was a child, she lost her cat. Adults told her the cat ran away, but she knew the truth. The mirror had taken her. She knew because the mirror gave her a glimpse of an alternate world and had nearly pulled her in, so she was certain the cat had suffered that fate. Twenty years later Hayden discovers the secret of the mirror when she is thrust into it. She learns of an enchanted world she never knew existed, and a family she never knew she had. But danger brought her here, and it followed her. Now, Hayden is on a mission to remove the threat, so that she can begin her magical, meaningful new life in this enchanted world. Book 2 – The Disappearance of Emily Destiny Falls is charming, and the amazing mansion Hayden lives in changes to meet the needs of the people who live there, including her! Every day she discovers a new enchantment. But something is amiss. Hayden gets an ominous warning from a strange woman, who promises to tell her the town secrets and give her a package – if she’ll meet her at the mysterious ferry that lacks a published destination. The ferry visit is cancelled, but the package is delivered. Once it arrives, someone turns up dead. Then the suspicious episodes start, too many to call them coincidences. She and her family are targeted and in danger. Who or what is causing the chaos? All signs point to the mysterious disappearance of her mother - way back when Hayden was just two days old. Can she identify and eliminate the threat before another person in her life is stolen away? Can she learn more about the secrets kept for her lifetime? With the help of her high-spirited sidekick cat, and a host of new family and friends, Hayden finds herself surrounded with support as she solves the mystery of the death and learns shocking secrets about herself. Book 3 – The Ghost Camper’s Tall Tales A mysterious old man keeps popping up to tell Hayden a series of tall tales. Who is he? And is he actually glowing? Are his stories fiction, or is he telling her the history of her family, the enchanted islands, and the witch? And why did a dead body show up . . . of someone who is already dead? Can Hayden and her quirky sidekick, Latifa unscramble this mystery? Hayden’s adventures in the magical world of Destiny Falls continue in this gripping story that answers your questions about the mysterious world she entered through a mirror in book one, Falling into Magic. We learn more about her missing mother, whose story begins in book two, The Disappearance of Emily.

on #Sale 15th-20th February

Amazon Deal - $1.99

(usual price $7.99)

#Mystery, #Paranormal


Psychic Whispers (Woodward Hill #1) by Arial Burnz & A.J. Nuest

What do you do when you find a human bone?

Try to locate the rest of the body, of course.

But Nikko Sanna didn't find the remains. The stray he took in dragged it back to his kennel. Too bad he can't ask the dog where he dug up the clue to a 20-year-old cold case.

Or can he?

Enter Inara Woodward—veterinarian, pet psychic and a member of the town's founding family. Nik might be able to ignore the fact she's a Woodweird...if her animal whisperer gifts can help him. Uncovering the truth may be the only thing that will stop the rumors about his family's involvement in the case. What he can't ignore is how badly he wants the leggy blonde vet in his bed.

Unfortunately, someone doesn't want them digging up trouble. A stalker, a ghost, Woodward Hill's nosy reporter...they'll use the dark secrets hidden in Nik's past to bring the couple down.

Even if it means burying them six feet under.


The Gothic mansion of the Woodward family casts a mysterious shadow over the quaint resort town of Woodward Hill. Amidst the storybook homes dotting the California mountainside surrounding the lake, whispers of the founding family’s sordid history color the atmosphere with danger…and create the perfect setting for intrigue, romance and suspense.

The Woodward Hill Mystery Romance—paranormal romance meets small-town mysteries, so expect some hot steam between the sheets with intriguing mysteries to be unraveled.

on #Sale 6th-9th February

only $0.99

#Psychic, #Mystery


Prevent the Past: The Complete Series By Rebecca Hefner

From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

One woman bred to save the world. Can her team of scientists and soldiers prevail as they find love along the way?

Book 1: A Paradox of Fates

Dr. Elaine “Lainey” Randolph must solve time travel to prevent the past. Can she trust the handsome solider who offers protection?

Book 2: A Destiny Reborn

Lost in a timeline that was never theirs… Can two stranded souls save the world while denying their burgeoning attraction?

Book 3: A Timeline Restored

Enemies must align to defeat the New Establishment but can Alora truly forgive Eli for the sins of his past?

Join the ragtag team of time travelers as they endeavor to save the world!

on #Sale

Chirp Deal - $3.99

(usual price $24.99)

#Paranormal, #ScienceFiction, #RomanticSuspense


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