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Forrest's #Win (Recovery Road #1) by Jennifer Cody

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

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Half a year ago I put out a want ad for a PA. The first person to respond showed up at my door with everything he owned and never left. I knew I’d hired the right person immediately. Since then, Blake has become my best and closest friend. I trust him completely because Blake never lies to me.

I have no qualms asking him to help me find a casual hook-up so I can explore my preferences. We didn’t expect a rendezvous for sex would turn into a nightmare. I don’t know how I’ll ever recover, but I know I can’t do it without Blake.


I didn’t know until I met Forrest how good a structured life could be. He lives and works by his schedule, and I keep it for him. When he asks me to put a hook-up in his schedule, I take care of it. I don’t think twice. I’ve never had any problem with any dating app, why would I expect one now?

I should have been more careful. I should have vetted his hook-up before I let him go off by himself. I should have done anything other than what I did. I don’t know how Forrest can stand the sight of me, but he needs me now, and I won’t let myself fail him again.

Forrest’s #Win is a 60k Contemporary MM, Bestfriends to Lovers Romance with a well-earned Happily Ever After. Triggers include: on-page descriptive (non-erotic) rape, and stalking.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

FORREST'S #WIN is the first book in the Recovery Road series, and WOW! Just, WOW! This story deals with the (on-page) rape of one of the main characters, and the healing process both of them undertake following that.

Okay, so first things first. The rape scene. Yes, it's on-page and yes, it's horrible. However, I felt it was written exceptionally well, giving the horror of the situation without sensationalising it. It is over fairly quickly and then the focus is on the recovery. If rape is a trigger for you, then I would think exceedingly carefully over whether this is the book for you.

Right then, moving on. Blake and Forrest are best friends first and foremost. Blake jokes about being Forrest's house-husband before he even realises he is attracted to him. For me, one of the best bits of the book is when Blake is there for Forrest, no matter what. Forrest needs a hug? He gets one. He needs to hold Blake's hand during therapy? Consider it done. Only once does he pull away from Forrest, and that is because of questions raised by the therapist.

I loved how these two worked through the therapy, their relationship growing and changing in the process. Forrest with his schedules cracked me up, but it worked for him. Faith throws a whole new aspect to the story, but once again, our main two deal with it by pulling together and communicating! Ahh, what a refreshing change!

One of the things that jarred me to begin with was how Forrest and Blake spoke to each other at times, but it quickly just became part of them. Plus, they were using and implementing tools given to them in therapy, which made me happy.

Overall, this is a beautiful, heart-warming story about something horrible and the recovery process, culminating in a HEA so much brighter than the two main characters could have envisaged. I loved every word and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. I can't wait to see what comes next. Just make sure you take heed of the Trigger Warning.

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Jennifer Cody writes gay romance of a variety of sub-genres, though her favorite is paranormal/urban fantasy. She uses her husband’s vast knowledge of all things man and mechanical to help her write, but takes literary license with her characters because they’re romantic heroes, thereby making him shake his head in disbelief almost as often as she causes his incredulous laughter.

With three kids at home, the only time she has for boredom is 5 am when everyone else is still asleep, and coffee usually keeps that at bay. When she reads, she usually binges an author’s entire backlist for a few days, but has a few one-click favorites she stalks. Her go-to sub-genres are gay PNR (Paranormal Romance) and UF (Urban Fantasy), but she has a soft spot for certain contemporary MM tropes (falling in love with the Manny, and small-town/rural stories).

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