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For the Strange and Surprising: Where the Mongrels Are

by M.F. Adele

(Where They Are, #1)

Publication date: August 27th 2021

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I’m a catastrophe waiting to happen—I always have been.

When a waterspout drops me on the shores of a seemingly deserted island, I soon realize that I’m not on Earth and I’m not alone.

This new world is full of dangers, from sea monsters and feuding tribes to poisonous food and beasts that lurk in the shadows. None of those things are as dangerous as the Mongrel men appointed to guard and teach me.

All I want to do is go home, but the island has no intentions of letting me leave.

I’ll be forced to interact with total strangers to survive this perilous land surrounded by treacherous waters.

My dreams of happiness sink into the dark depths below as I struggle to save myself from certain death.

The Mongrels will learn that fear makes a person reckless.

My name is Adelaide Storm.

But they’ll call me Ada Stormbrave.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

When I read a blurb for a book that comes to the blog for reviewing, my mind goes, very quickly, yay or nay. I was erring towards the nay on this one, as I read that blurb til it gets to the bit at the bottom that says this is a reverse harem romance.

As you know if you follow my reviews, I do prefer my books on the smexier side, and the more the merrier. So, I was gonna say yes, just for that.


I don't get it!

YET! I don't get the full force of this book, the reverse harem, YET.

What I do get, though, is the ground work, the foundation that will build the relationship between all the majors players and Ada. We get a wonderfully written tale of making the most of what's happened to you!

Ada is dragged into a water spout and is spit out on the Island. The Island tries to talk to Ada, with some surprising results!

The island pulls people in for a reason, and has been doing for many MANY years. Why?? That much isn't made clear, and I'm sure there is MUCH that isn't fully explained yet, or even revealed about this island and the Mongrels, and the people from Earth that live there.

Ada and all the major players get a say, and I liked that here. While I do like to hear from everyone, when there are TOO many, things get lost. Not so here, you needed to hear from everyone, how Ada makes them feel, make them react.

This is the first in the trilogy, and the first I've read of this author. I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on parts 2 and 3! I hope I don't have to wait too long!

Only because I'm a greedy toad, and don't get my smexy times,

4 stars (but so close!!)

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M.F. Adele resides in the outskirts of the Rocket City in Alabama. She lives in her overactive imagination, often fueled by caffeine and no sleep. When she isn’t writing, M.F. is outdoors with her family, obsessing over spicy margaritas and cigars, or reading books by her favorite authors. If you’re looking for M.F. Adele, you can find her on social media in her group: M.F. Adele's Hellacious Hybrids. M.F. loves to interact with her readers, hear character theories, and share embarrassing stories.

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