Fremonsters by Amy Marie

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What if something was buried beneath your school?

Cody Kistler and his friends have just discovered a mysterious coffin buried beneath the neighborhood elementary school. When a host of sinister forces are unleashed upon their unsuspecting city, the fate of Fremont, OH falls to a ragtag group of self-proclaimed ghost hunters. What could possibly go wrong?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Cody and his 2 friends Stevie and Brad, are ghost hunters not really having much to investigate, until a mysterious new artist displays his art at the museum of monsters that have been seen around the area over the years. Only now very peculiar things are happening which seem to point to some of the monsters being more than a myth!

A very well written descriptive story. You know where you are with this book no wondering what this that or the other is, as they are described in the book which really comes in handy when your not sure what something is. The close friendship between the friends is fantastic we all need close friends like that and are extremely lucky if we have them. An exciting captivating mystery that can be read again and again.

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Amy Marie is a Children/YA/Fantasy author. She's lived all over the United States, but will always consider Ohio her home. She's worked several years for a major book retailer, and now enjoys a career in aviation as an air traffic controller. She delights in her friends and family, and the cuddles of her dog, Brutus.

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