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Frozen Flowers Fallen (Gen-Heirs World: Bella and the Beast Master) by Sarah Westill


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In a country obsessed with genetically inherited gifts, Bella Fenwick is no one special. At least that’s what she’s been led to believe. Then a handsome Ruthenian walks into her life, a wolf at his side. He won’t let Bella hide behind her desk and discredit the evidence she’s discovered that could lead to a murderer.

Sent by his high marshal to investigate the death of an official’s daughter, Beast Master Markus Ralston and his wolf, Lunah, don’t let something as trivial as politics get in the way of learning the truth. Markus knows Bella can help, even if she doesn’t want to believe him, and he insists on her assistance in the case. Much to Lunah’s dismay, Markus soon realizes more than the Sziverian woman’s unique talent may have drawn them together as whisperings of mate slide across his nerves anytime they touch…

Following the clues no one else has bothered to look for, they quickly realize they’re on a race against time before the frozen nights thaw and the serial killer disappears…

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

FROZEN FLOWERS FALLEN is the first book in the Gen-Heirs World: Bella and the Beast Master series. It's a quick read that takes you back to Sziveria where Gen-talents are held so highly.

Now, I'm warning you now, I have loved The Guardians of Sziveria series so this review is probably biased! What can I say? You've already seen it's got 5-stars!

Bella is a clerk with no apparent Gen-talent, thus making her invisible and beneath notice to some of the Guardians around. However, Bella has a brain and isn't afraid to use it - so long as it doesn't put her in the spotlight. When Markus shows up, he is intrigued by this clerk who has put together more of a case than the Guardians he is supposed to be working with.

What follows is an intense, slow-burn romance with a dash of suspense, with the main two characters jumping off the page but fully supported by the other characters. The ending is superb but will definitely leave you wanting more.

I honestly can't wait to continue this series. What an absolutely cracking start! I need more of Bella, Markus, and Lunah in my life. HIGHLY recommended by me.

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