Girl in the Walls by Katy Michelle Quinn

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A dark & sweet coming of age fairy tale about becoming who you are.

Leaving the city was not Vernon's choice. Neither was moving into an old house in a bumpkin-run town in the Cascadian forest, where the shadows move and the stairs make a sound like dying crows. It's a relief when Vernon discovers a space inside the walls of his bedroom, a space inhabited by a mysterious girl named Violet. Violet's nothing like Vernon. She's pretty and cool, and she has a closetful of cute clothes. But as Vernon and Violet become friends, Vernon starts to realize that she's much more like him than he thought, leading him down a fairy-tale path of self-discovery. Out of the closet and into the world.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Girl in the Walls is heartbreaking and empowering. It's beautiful and sad. I feel for the main character, the way they slowly pick their way through thoughts, feelings and removes the labels given by society to become their true self.

The reaction from the parents is fairly balanced but I think is a tamer version of what some people struggle through. I'm glad though, it's nice to see a gentler response.

I'm blessed to have family that are finding themselves, that have been able to openly say "this is me" and have support (early on in a journey that is so right and is clearly the right path for the younger relative).

Well worth an afternoon read. Keep and open mind and heart.

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Katy is a queer transwoman writing strange and sentimental horror fiction. She lives in the forests of Cascadia with her spouse their three catchildren. Her first novella, Winnie, was released by Eraserhead Press in May 2018.

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