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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Ready For It (MacAteer Brothers #2) by M.L. Nystrom

A woman who seems to have it all, a shy construction worker who prefers to keep in the shadows, and news that will blow their worlds wide open. Join bestselling author ML Nystrom in the Dragon Runners MC spin-off following the much-loved McAteer brothers.

Party girl Melanie Miser has it all: looks, brains, and money. She goes through men with a distinct lack of commitment, never getting too close and never letting them get close to her.

Not even her best friend knows why.

After a lifetime of being mocked for his speech impediment, burly giant Owen rarely talks to anyone outside his family circle. He has wanted Melanie for a long time, but fears he would be just another notch in her bedpost. As their friendship strengthens, Owen still yearns for Melanie to see him as more.

Then life throws a major curveball and Melanie faces irrevocable changes. More than ever, she needs Owen to help her process the hardship of her past and the challenges of the future.

If you like heat and tension, you'll love ML Nystrom's friends-to-lovers romance.

Release is on November 7th

#Contemporary, #Romance


Leak by J. Nichole Parkins

Her coworkers were dead - or so Lydia claimed. A simple coin toss had spared her life. On the run, she’s fleeing across the country, trying to keep her family safe in a race against time and nature.

Will their luck hold, or is it too late for them all?

*This short story was originally published as part of the Thrill of the Hunt anthology but is now available as a stand-alone.*

#Thriller, #ShortStory, #FREE


The Mistake by Mandy Swiftson

All your life you are taught to forgive. It doesn’t matter who or what your beliefs are, even as children we are taught we should forgive.

Is forgiveness ever the wrong thing to do?

What if forgiving someone alters your life in ways you could never imagine?

Is it still the right thing to do?

Surely there must be exceptions to the forgive and forget rule?

One forgiveness.

One mistake.

One life-altering decision.

Which is right? Which is wrong?

Forgiveness or survival?

Release is on November 23rd

#WomensLit, #Dark, #Contemporary


The Shadow Minds Journal by Kia Carrington-Russell

After something a little bit spooky? A little bit Spectacular? A hella lot FREE?

Don’t miss out! FREE OCT 27th-31st. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

"Let me tell you that I'm not ok! I was so involved in the story, that when I was reading the last sentences I wasn't aware that they were the last sentences. It was insane. It was so well written, and the characters were so deep that I could picture everything in my head. And that's a big deal to me." ~ The Wild Sasha

"Fans of the paranormal will find themselves drawn along quickly by the action as Vivian takes names and breaks hearts." ~ Reviewer for Readers' Favorite

" and wow again. I loved it. We have angels and demons. And than we have a hero...she is nobody's hero but still..." ~ Reviewer

Blood. Lust. War. All rules are fair in the Underworld and killing is just for fun.

In the year 2986, rebirthed Vivian Lair is a prized Guardian contracted to uphold the treaty between angels and demons in the city of Shabeah.

Shifting into seven demons is one of the perks of the job. Taking orders and being under constant surveillance from Demon Lord, Haymen? Not so much. Involving herself with the Angel of War, Gabe? That was probably a mistake as well.

When a trail of bodies begin appearing at an orphanage on the outskirts of the city, Vivian must use her detective skills and hunt down those who orchestrated the attacks. Her discovery could lead to her own undoing, and, just maybe, the secrets behind the sacred and deadly text of the Shadow Minds Journal.

Will Vivian survive the fame, riches and games—all while appeasing the seven demons she’s contracted to?

FREE Grab your copy now:

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#Dark, #Paranormal, #Fantasy, #FREE


Reap This Too (Oh So Happy Holidays #2) by Rafe Jadison

Unlike his parents and his twin Seamus, Ian O’Donnell is not a good witch. Or rather, he isn’t quite good at it. Studying charts and remembering candles hasn’t ever really been his thing. Still, he longs to see the mystical sites of the world, especially the Great Pyramids of Giza. When Ian finally reaches them, though, he finds himself more attracted to the sexy man who works the night shift at his hotel than he does the pyramids.

Ian’s able to convince Khnurn to take him to the desert for a romantic evening in front of the pyramids. Everything’s going great until Khnurn gets serious. He tells Ian he’s a vampire and they’ve known each other before. Unfortunately, Ian can’t recall ever having been in a serious relationship in this life, or any other, and he isn’t quite sure Khnurn isn’t just feeding him pick-up lines. When Khnurn leaves Ian alone to think about things, another man appears in Ian’s life, a crazy-looking spectre that might just be the Angel of Death.

Ian soon finds himself hightailing it back to Massachusetts just in time for Halloween with his wonderfully animated witch family and their coven. Unfortunately, it isn’t souvenirs Ian’s brought back with him, but rather the creepy spectre from the desert, and maybe a sexy vampire who might just be the love of his life.

#Paranormal, #Romance,


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