Hers, Times Two (Hers #4) by Anna Adler

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Two fierce males. One tough woman.

But are they strong enough to confess their love?

Space pilot Eliza Arroyo Diaz has a mad crush on two of her crew mates, but judging by their reserved behavior, the feeling is not mutual. She doesn’t dare confess that she fantasizes about a three-way relationship with them. And even if the guys were somehow open to the idea, Liz has secrets that could cause her dismissal from the crew if they were found out.

Zaster and Jackal are obsessed with Liz, but they can’t bring themselves to tell her about it. What human woman would welcome the idea of a Crasnian alien and a human-alien hybrid wanting to share her, body and soul?

But as Liz seems to spend a lot of time with Rogue, the ship’s medic, Zaster and Jackal struggle to keep their distance. Can they find a connection with their chosen mate, or will the ghosts of the past ruin their chance for a happy end?


Note to reader: This is a steamy science fiction romance featuring action, suspense, and intense love scenes between the three main characters. It’s the fourth book in a series but can be read as a standalone. HEA guaranteed! If you enjoy hot romance involving not one but two beefy aliens, this might be the book for you!

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Strong female lead...check.

Two, hot, sexy male aliens....check.

Recipe for hot alien sex and action.....Oh hell yeah!!

Hers, times two is book four in what looks to be a cracking series! I've read it as a standalone as I've not read the first three books.... considering I'm wanting to know what happens next I'll be heading off to get the others pretty sharpish.

Liz is cool, confident and feisty, but, like the rest of us, she's fighting her own demons. Demons which put her and her crew in the path of danger. Not her fault but she really takes it to heart.

I really like her, she's a dedicated friend and is an awesome pilot. She does annoy me a little as she tries to take too much responsibility for things she had no control over and beats herself up for it.....

Jackal and Zaster... the hot, sexy aliens... and typical idiots that take forever to pluck up the courage to approach the woman of their dreams. I'll let them off though as they more than make up for it and the more we get to know and understand them it's easy to see why they're who they are.

I was entertained from start to finish and I even cried a few times, I'm such a softie haha

4 out of 5

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My name is Anna, I'm an erotic romance author, and my goal in life is never to have another writer's block. I've been in love with action and futuristic stuff from an early age, whether it's in books, movies, or video games. More recently, I also developed a taste for steamy romances. The stories in my head contain these elements in different combinations and I look forward to putting them all on (virtual) paper - for my own amusement, if nothing else. I live in Germany with my husband, my overactive imagination, and pipe dreams of fortune and glory.

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