His Lordship's Master (His Lordship’s Mysteries #2) by Samantha SoRelle

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Still reeling from the horrific events in London, Alfie thinks Balcarres House, the seat of his earldom, will be just the place to recover. But unexplained noises in the night, figures that vanish into thin air, and ghostly tales of the infamous Wicked Master all make for a less-than-restful stay. When one of the household turns up dead, matters only get worse.

While Alfie tries to solve this mystery, his lover Dominick struggles to fit into his new station in life. It feels like the mud from the slums still sticks to his fine new clothes. He starts to worry that he’ll never be able to stand by Alfie’s side, and about what will happen when Alfie realises the same.

But Balcarres House holds secrets that cry out for blood. If Alfie and Dominick aren’t careful, they may become the next ghosts trapped within its walls.

His Lordship's Master is the second title in the His Lordship's Mysteries series.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This is book 2 in the His Lordship's Mysteries series, and while this can be read as a stand alone, I really think you SHOULD read book one, His Lordship's Secret before this one. Lots happened in that book that is referenced here, but not fully explained. You could probably piece things together, but I think to get the full effect of Alfie and Dominick, you need to read that book first.

Still recovering from what happened in London, Alfie and Dominick retreat to his family house in Scotland. And find themselves in the middle of an age-old mystery. What with ghosts and missing people and now a dead butler, Alfie and Dominick jump headlong into another caper!

I really was enjoying this a bit more than book one, but something triggered with me, and I found myself thinking about another book. With another ago-old mystery, with another painting, in another castle. And I'm stumped as to which book it was, but after that point, I found I didn't enjoy it quite so much.

Oh don't get me wrong, please. It's really well written, from both Alfie and Dominick's point of view. There are more things revealed about both Alfie and Dom's lives in the time they were apart. There is much love here, even if they sometimes forget that.

I again quote my review for Secret:

I loved that the whodunnit was so NOT who I was expecting, nor was it WHY! I love being kept on my toes!

Because I really did not see that one coming at me. But the whole Wicked Master thing? I could see that coming at me, even before the point I mentioned before. I could see that things were really not as they were portrayed to be.

There are almost two stories going on here. The missing woman and the dead butler, then the Wicked Master thing. I liked that, along with the growing deepening connection between Alfie and Dom, which evokes some mighty powerful feelings here!

So, even though things were a little blurry, I did enjoy it and I'll still give it. . .

4 solid stars

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Samantha SoRelle grew up all over the world and finally settled in Southern California when she soaked up too much sunshine and got too lazy to move.

When she’s not writing, she’s doing everything possible to keep from writing. This has led to some unusual pastimes including but not limited to: perfecting fake blood recipes, designing her own cross-stitch patterns, and wrapping presents for tigers .

She also enjoys collecting paintings of tall ships and has lost count of the number of succulents she owns.

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