His Lordship's Master (His Lordship’s Mysteries #2) by Samantha SoRelle

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Still reeling from the horrific events in London, Alfie thinks Balcarres House, the seat of his earldom, will be just the place to recover. But unexplained noises in the night, figures that vanish into thin air, and ghostly tales of the infamous Wicked Master all make for a less-than-restful stay. When one of the household turns up dead, matters only get worse.

While Alfie tries to solve this mystery, his lover Dominick struggles to fit into his new station in life. It feels like the mud from the slums still sticks to his fine new clothes. He starts to worry that he’ll never be able to stand by Alfie’s side, and about what will happen when Alfie realises the same.

But Balcarres House holds secrets that cry out for blood. If Alfie and Dominick aren’t careful, they may become the next ghosts trapped within its walls.

His Lordship's Master is the second title in the His Lordship's Mysteries series.

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Alfie smiled up at Dominick and canted his head to the side. His auburn curls, free from pomade, twisted in a riotous halo around his head, and his bright eyes sparkled in the morning light. “Hello, there. Good morning to you too.”

“Good morning,” Dominick leaned over and kissed him, before collecting him back into his arms. They lay together, just enjoying the peace and comfort that came from one another’s presence, until the sounds of a household stirring at the start of another day came drifting up to them.

Alfie sighed, and Dominick let him pull away with great reluctance. “Shall we go for a walk after breakfast? I need to get outside these walls.”

“As long as your leg is all right.”

“I think so.” Alfie took a few steps back and forth, even balancing on one leg while he bent down to pick up his discarded nightshirt and sword cane. The view made Dominick growl.

Alfie winked at him cheekily. He stepped forward, pressing the tip of his cane against Dominick’s chest and pushing him back against the bed. Dominick couldn’t help letting out another growl as he fell back against the pillows. There were worse ways to start the morning than at the mercy of a beautiful man.

Alfie held the pressure for a long moment, then tapped his cane against Dominick’s chest once before tucking it under his arm with a jaunty flourish, as if he was in fancy dress at the opera instead of naked in another man’s bedchamber.

“Tonight,” Alfie grinned. “Give us both something to look forward to. But first: breakfast, a walk, and whatever fresh horrors the day decides to throw at us.”

4 out of 5 (very good)

HIS LORDSHIP'S MASTER is the second book in the His Lordship's Mysteries series, and we continue on our merry way with Alfie and Nick. Now, you "could" read this as a standalone but, honestly? To get the most out of it, I would absolutely recommend you read it in order.

We leave the grime and corruption of London behind us as we travel to Scotland with Alfie and Nick. However, what we find there is cold, wet, and mysterious! A big old house, an urban legend of the 'Wicked Master', plus a murder or two, and you've got plenty to keep you occupied.

I loved how the relationship with Alfie and Nick just went so much deeper. Their love is true, even if they're not at it like rabbits all the time! (Understandable considering the time period).

There are so many layers woven in this story and I love it all. I won't go into detail as I don't want to ruin it for anyone else but nothing is as it seems. The closest I got was with a couple of the female characters. I was sure something was going on with them, but I did not imagine it would be what it was!

For a great historical mystery with some MM tenderness as an added bonus, I can absolutely recommend this.

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