Hot Fey Moon (Wildeward Academy #4) by Gwyneira Blythe


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An enchantress holds my father and my birthright in thrall. If I can’t find my mother and bring her back, I have more to lose than just my home. Time is running out, but where do you search when her name has been forbidden on the earthly plane?

My name is Victoria Grey: darkling child, hunted witch, and reluctant leader of this escapade.

Wildeward, my sanctuary, the home I always yearned for, has barred the doors behind me. Before me the crossroads wait and danger stalks my footsteps. London, with its steam and smoke, holds the keys to my future, but a strange tune pulls me beyond the Veil. I shouldn’t heed the Fair Folk’s song; everyone knows time spent in Faerie is never free.

Joining me on this adventure are my two best friends, my stalwart butler, and the five men of Wildeward who complete my inner circle:

Doyle, my chilly vampire; Jekyll and Hyde, my werewolf and my hellwolf; Frankie, my reserved fey monster; and Achoris, the blind oracle who stays just out of my reach. My coterie has pledged in magic and blood, but without the final step of commitment we are prey to those that covet.

Summer in Faerie tempts me with answers, but it might challenge everything I thought I understood. New dangers lurk in the shadows. Old secrets are upturned. One thing is certain—the Fair Folk will always take their cut. Am I willing to pay their price or will time run out under the Hot Fey moon?

The days are long, the nights are hot, and the fey are wild.

This is the next installment of Victoria’s Reverse Harem story with some light m/m content and a non-bully romance. Recommended for mature readers.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

HOT FEY MOON is the fourth book in the Wildeward Academy series and we rejoin Victoria and her coterie as they prepare to leave Wildeward. Frankie is back in the fold but hasn't... erm... 'completed' his bond with Victoria.

I LOVE THE LODGE!!! Ms Blythe, please! I'm begging you. Somehow, please get Victoria back to the Lodge. I'm not bothered about the Academy, but if she could get her Lodge back, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanking you in advance!

Ahem, now, back to the story. Achoris continues to be shady although this time you find out a little more about it. I can't wait for his story, just to find out all about him. He keeps so much hidden.

Frankie and Victoria want to complete their bond but the timing is never quite right. This is unfortunate as he becomes hot property once they're in Fairyland. Oh, and what a wonderful place that is. Really made me want to go for a visit! And because I know the written word doesn't always convey the meaning, let me just clarify that that was sarcasm! What a place. And those cuffs. Eurgh!!!

Some secrets are spoken, more are still kept hidden. Teasers abound (I think I know who the wolves were with Flis) and the story continues to amaze. The ending was just perfect. Victoria is showing her strength and it is simply perfect. I love how I am drawn into each book fully, loving the story and the character it focuses on. But, once it has completed, with the hints given by this amazing author, I am immediately looking forward to the next.

This series continues to enthral me with every word and scene. A fantastic story that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending... but, please, start from book one so you get the full picture.

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