It's May Day - time to put your bells on!

Hey, everyone

May Day is here, a time associated with dancing around the maypole and Morris Dancing in the UK. What traditions do you have where you're from? Do you celebrate it, or is it just another day?

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Voice of a Damaged Soul: Powerful verses of pain by Mandy Swiftson

When you have a broken soul,

Who will want listen to the words,

Sometimes they have to be spoken

Sometimes they need to be heard.

Never doubt the pain

A damaged soul can bring

Never doubt the hardship

It takes to make a soul sing.

Sing out in pain

Let me hear you

Sing those words out loud

You will make it through.

Release Date - 17th April 2021

#Contemporary, #Poetry,


Pierced Peony (Motts Cold Case Mystery #2) by Dahlia Donovan

On a casual walk along the Cornish Coast, Pineapple “Motts” Mottley stumbles upon a body and a perilous new murder case in the second novel in the Motts Cold Case Mystery series.

As spring rolls into summer, Motts settles into her cottage. She’s enjoying a daily stroll when a body in the sea destroys her peace and quiet. It brings yet another mystery for her to solve.

How does a woman who vanished from Polperro three years prior wind up battered by waves?

Motts is drawn into the investigation despite her best attempts. She finds a family in turmoil and loads of suspects. With no easy answers, she tumbles further into chaos and ever closer to danger.

Can Motts find the killer before she’s the one put on ice?

Will she survive a bone-chilling brush with death?

Release Date - 1st May 2021

#CozyMystery, #Contemporary,


Split Shift (Night Shift #2) by T.A. Moore

The hard thing about Night Shift is when you realize werewolves are bad news, but people can be worse. After Night Shift officer Kit Marlow solved the murder of child star Haley Jenkins, he figured he was due a little down time. Maybe even a dinner date with Cade Deacon, the sarcastic security consultant, very good kisser, and werewolf who'd helped with the investigation. That was before someone in a Night Shift uniform drove them both off the road. With the full moon up the only dinner date Cade is interested in...has Marlow served up on a plate. And not in a sexy way. It's the second time that corrupt Night Shift officers have tried to kill Marlow. If he has his way, it will be the last. Problem is he only has twenty-eight days before the next full moon. If he hasn't identified who wants him dead by then, he'll have to take to werewolf filled streets with a team at his back he can't trust. First things first, though. Get through the next twelve hours alive and uneaten, and hope that if a second date is still on the cards it's less eventful.

Release Date - 19th April 2021

#MM, #Paranormal, #Romance,#Novella,


Sex On The Seats (Love After Midnight #4) by Elise Faber

I didn’t know what I was doing in a bar at midnight.

On a weeknight.

Certainly not sleeping, even though I had to work the next day. Definitely not open to talking with anyone, or trying to pick up a date.

Surely . . . not paying the least bit of attention to the beautiful bartender with gorgeous hazel eyes and a body built for sin. He’d flash a smile and the women around him melted. He’d chuckle and even I wasn’t immune to the silken way it slid down my spine. And I was singular. I didn’t pay attention to men (and yes, I said that as a filthy, four-letter word).

I existed by myself. For myself.

It was safer that way.

Then . . . he talked to me. Then . . . he flashed that smile my way.

Then he made me want a stranger more than I wanted my careful distance.

Oh. Hell.

Release Date - 26th April 2021

#Contemporary, #Romance, #Erotic,


Poisoned Primrose (Motts Cold Case Mystery #1) by Dahlia Donovan

Meet Motts and the quirky cast of characters in her world. Poisoned Primrose is a quintessential cosy British mystery and an all-round fun story to throw yourself into.

Autistic, asexual, and almost forty, Pineapple “Motts” Mottley flees London with her cat and turtle to a quaint cottage in Cornwall. She craves the peace of life in a small village. The dead body buried in her garden isn’t quite what she had in mind, though.

Unable to resist her curiosity, she falls directly into a mess of trouble and runs head-first into the attractive detective inspector, Teo Herceg. She tries to balance her business with the investigation, but as the killer focuses on her, staying alive becomes trickier than advanced origami.

Will Motts survive the onslaught of murderously bad luck?

Can she solve the mystery before it all spins out of control and off a cliff?

on #Sale until 3rd May - only 99c



August (Blue Belles Investigations #1) by Tee Smith

Men suck! August had learned that lesson the hard way. As a private investigator, she had seen every type of sleaze that the human race could spew out and it had left her jaded, tired, and above all, alone.

Reese had believed in love once. His life had been damn near perfect until circumstances broke it all into jagged pieces. Now, he’s just a cop. His job is all he has left.

Reese feels sparks fly the first time sees the sassy blonde P.I., but August refuses to pay attention to anything outside the job, especially a handsome cop who could crack the shell she’s worked so hard on building.

When their work forces them into close contact the heat between them threatens to burn out of control. Two broken people, can they come together to heal each other? Or is the job all they’ll ever have?

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#Contemporary, #RomanticSuspense