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It's the Autumn Equinox!

Hey, everyone

The second harvest - otherwise known as the Autumn Equinox - has arrived. Night and day are now equal... for a time. Over here in Germany, the weather has cooled down nicely. I love how the light changes in September. You still get gorgeous days, but there is that hint of nip in the air that lets you know the colder months are on the way. Hopefully, you'll find something here to keep you warm.

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Until next time, take care and stay healthy!


Strength Check (Dungeons and Dating #1) by Katherine McIntyre

Roxie Esposito just opened a board game café in San Francisco and should be basking in success. Instead, she’s picking out shards from her last relationship and handling her perpetually drunk mother, both of which strain her finances and fuel the need for a roommate.

Melody Roberts finally got the promotion she’d been aiming for—across the country in San Francisco. The perfect escape from her stagnant life and the toxic relationship with her now ex-boyfriend.

The moment Mel answers Roxie’s ad for a roommate, the connection between them is explosive, warm, and real—everything they’ve both been longing for. Between horror movie marathons, board game nights, and deep talks, Mel and Roxie are falling for each other hard. Except the only problem with romance is they both seem to fail every single time, and when the grenade of exes, family drama, and their own insecurities drop, neither will escape unscathed.

Release Date: 21st September 2021

#Contemporary, #FF, #Romance


The Killer in Me (Benoit and Dayne Mystery #1) by Winter Austin

What price is too great to stop a killing spree?

Elizabeth Benoit ran for sheriff to wipe out the corruption in the good old boys network of Eckardt County, but she has yet to break in her shoes when a stranger’s body is found in a ravine. With her ex back in town, a new deputy detective on the edge of losing control, and a crooked ex-sheriff out for revenge, Elizabeth’s resources are stretched thin. And then the second body drops.

Fearing a serial killer on the loose, Elizabeth launches an investigation that lays bare more than one family secret: The Kauffmann matriarch is full of advice, but her progeny have a mean streak that leaves a path of destruction in their wake. The Meyer patriarch has his own agenda, and the Kauffmanns have been a thorn in his ambition for too long.

Elizabeth and her deputies are about to face off against odds that are not in their favor. Only one source can tip the scales, but will she sell her soul for his help?

Release Date: 14th September 2021

#Mystery, #Suspense


Love and Punishment by Susan Mac Nicol

Narrated by David C. Dawson


Someone is leaving a trail of bodies throughout London, and Detective Anthony Parglietto is determined to end the violence. Then he’ll return to the man he loves.

Tough, street-savvy, and used to dealing with lowlifes, Flynn Parker is the last person Anthony thinks he has to protect. Then the Bow-Tie Killer strikes close to home and the world turns upside down.

Right is wrong, black is white, and a policeman might become a monster. But in the name of love, justice must be served. In the name of love, pain can be endured.

In the name of love, a man can taste the very essence that defines him.

Release Date: 25th August 2021


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Clockwork Igni (Angelbound Origins #9) by Christina Bauer

Long live the me! As Queen of Antrum, I rule an underground realm of demon hunters who love finding new caves. Hey, it’s boring down here; I’m glad they all have a hobby. Per usual, I try to act interested about their latest discovery, but all I hear is blah blah blah new cavern blah blah blah Forbidden Tombs blah blah blah massive bronze pyramids blah blah blah creepy ticking sounds. It’s a little odd, but I’m not worried.

My bad.

Suddenly, the Forbidden Tombs burst through the ground in my home realm of Purgatory. Bronze pyramids smash through abandoned buildings and highways, making rush hour a nightmare. Even worse, the metal structures attract tiny lightning bolts called igni, which are my very special supernatural buddies. Within minutes, every last igni gets stolen away.

Now. I’m. Pissed.

Whoever hides inside those pyramids? Time to dust off your mummies and shine up your sarcophagi. Because my husband, Lincoln, and I are breaking in and kicking ass.

Release Date: 21st September 2021

#YoungAdult, #Fantasy


The Trouble with Timekeepers (The Thirteenth Hour #1) by Cheree Alsop

Time is Not As it Seems

When Cadence is rescued from a time ripple, she’s pulled into the 13th hour where time is a weapon of both destruction and deliverance.

˃˃˃ A Moment that will Change Her Life.

Tutored by the mysterious Tok, leader of the Timekeepers, Cada finds herself on the other side of the time veil where she is taught to use her allotted seconds to right the wrongs caused by dangerous time-stealing siphons.

˃˃˃. But nothing is as it seems. Someone has organized the siphons and is using them to pursue immortality. All fingers point to one man, yet Cada is drawn inexplicably to his green eyes and damaged soul. Can she figure out the truth before an innocent man is forced to pay the ultimate price?

Release Date: 24th July 2021

#Fantasy, #YoungAdult,


The Prophecy of the Water Sprite by K. Rose

Our kind has been enslaved by the Fae for as long as this kingdom remembers. They need us to keep water in their kingdom flowing, without it, their kind would surely all perish; as not even the powerful Fae have control over the waters that feed life to everything.

Somewhere along the line, they all lost that ability as if that element revolted against them.

For over twenty-one years I’ve been kept in the dark about my true heritage, being raised as a witch like my auntie, that can wield water with spells.

Soon I would be old enough to leave my childhood home and go beyond the protection spell that has kept me safe all these years, to seek out my destiny.

A vision, perhaps even a prophecy, in the castle where I was born caused my parents to secret me away under the cover of darkness. Saved by an unlikely partnership.

For the first time in thousands of years, the elements are set to combine into the greatest power ever known, and somehow I am the center of it all.

The power of the elements are told to bring about peace in the lands and restore life in the realm; to a greatness more than it has ever been before.

No more struggles for food, no more starvation. No more taxation with penalties of death. No more hatred and fear of the rulers of the kingdom. Only prosperity, health, and maybe even something more?

Please note: This is a Reverse Harem Novel. It contains explicit content intended for adults only. 18+


“A Fairy Tale for Adults - You’ll Absolutely love it” - Kindle Reader

If you like Fantasy Reverse Harem Standalone books with:

Fated Mates

Identical Twins

Elemental Magic

Sweet and Innocent FMC

Possessive Men

Multiple POV

... And over 105k words to keep those pages turning well in the early hours of the next morning, then you definitely want to get your hands on The Prophecy of the Water Sprite!

Available FREE on Kindle Unlimited or Own it forever, so you can re-read it whenever you want!

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Release Date: 5th August 2021

#ReverseHarem, #Fantasy, #Romance


Diomere's Exile (Gate Keeper Chronicles #1) by Sabrina A. Fish

Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned. Nadia de Quinones was exiled when her nephew, the crown-prince was abducted on her watch. She’ll let nothing stand in the way of her redemption, not even discovering her heartbonded and a connection to an ancient magical gate.

Lord Gregor Cyrene is sworn to protect his country's royal heirs. After the youngest prince’s life is threatened, Gregor sets out to discover who is responsible and suspects the answer lies with Nadia. When fate forces their competing goals to align, neither are prepared for the irresistible attraction between them.

Can they see beyond their pasts and a millennia old hate between their people? Or will they continue to distrust, allowing those plotting against them to win?

On #SALE for the month of September - only 99 cents!

#Fantasy, #Romance


Diomere's Mercenary (Gate Keeper Chronicles #3) by Sabrina A. Fish

Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.

Ripped from her home and sold to the mercenary guild as a child, Kardia Quinones overcame her father’s betrayal and made a place for herself as a respected mercenary. Then war threatens her beloved guild and her homeland.

Sahir Mekala wakes after twenty-three years to find his people on the brink of war and his intended mate unwilling to accept him. But dragons are as stubborn as harpies and he’ll let nothing stop him from claiming her.

When Kardia and Sahir find themselves working together, sparks fly. Despite Kardia’s reluctance to ever trust another male, Sahir sets out to prove exactly how perfect the match between a dragon and harpy can be.

On #SALE for the month of September - only 99 cents!

#Fantasy, #Romance


Kings of Muraine (The Journals of Ravier #1) by J.R. Vaineo

A YEAR TO THE DAY since my dad, Lance Ravier, died. Somehow, it felt like just yesterday. The shock of it was still so raw. That night changed my life, and everything, forever. I saw them. Two strangers from another world. One with glowing yellow eyes. The other with vampire fangs. The one with fangs claimed to be a king. But he was a young king, at best. The King of Paragon. He broke the news to me. My dad wasn't from Earth. Instead, he was from a world filled with magic: Muraine. His other home.

After thirteen years of hiding the truth, of lying to me, all he left behind were hidden belongings from a secret life. And the dragon-horse: Awngeleik. How could I refuse King Talok, when asked to look after her . . . to help keep her from falling into the enemy's hands? The grasp of Zymarc, King of Vitiosyns. Either amused or psychotic, I agreed to it. What could happen to top my dad dying or death itself? If I knew what would happen, I might have made a different choice.

Regardless, the pages are still turning. I still have time. He still looks at me with fear for what I really am, and hatred for what I might do. If only she had not done what she did. None of this would have happened . . .

Join me, Tyler Malik Ravier, in an adventure with many twists and turns along the way. What starts out as a mystery on a world with magic turns into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with my adversaries. I never know what they'll do next.

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 hardcovers of J.R. Vaineo's debut novel! It's mystery, fantasy, YA, and paranormal, wrapped into one. Overall, it's a wild ride.

#Dark, #Fantasy, #ComingofAge


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