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Just a Wild Ghost Chase (Unit 13 Book 2) by Dan Harris

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When Tom signed up to the Unit to keep the world safe from paranormal threats, it was with the firm understanding that he would be working from the safety of his desk. But with a wave of ghosts sweeping the city, Tom is forced into the streets, tunnels and graveyards of London to face the terrors that haunt them. Meanwhile, elderly witch Martha has the ability to exorcise the ghosts. But she has another issue to deal with: Tom's agency will happily arrest her as a magic user if they lay their hands on her. Can the unlikely pair set aside their differences to combat the sinister power threatening the city?

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“I looked down at the floor of the crypt and saw the date on one of the graves - 1700 or something around then. And I thought to myself If there are ghosts down here then they’ve been haunting the place for a bloody long time without anyone noticing. So I’m not worried, I reckon this is just another crank call. Overactive imaginations, noisy plumbing. The usual. Neema told me once that he’s never had a real ghost in all the years he’s been a field agent.

“But then I hear a noise behind me. A moan. And I mean a proper, full on, Hollywood ghost moan.”

Tom paused in his narration to look around at the audience gathered in the office kitchenette. It was only a small group, but most of the workers that made up the evening crew had gathered around once he’d escaped from Taylor’s office, asking for the gossip, and he’d given them more than they’d bargained for.

He took a quick sip of the lukewarm coffee he’d poured himself, relishing the tension he could feel building before he carried on.

“So I turn around and I’m face to face with a ghost. Well I say ‘face’. Where their face should be is all indistinct wispy, like I’m looking at someone through a thick, shifting fog. You know how they get when they’re really old? Or maybe you don’t if you haven’t seen a ghost out in the field.

“At this point I’m bricking myself, because at this distance if the ghost goes for me then I’m pretty much done for. So I ever so slowly pull my phone from my pocket and spin up the exorcism app. The ghost just stands there watching me. But as soon as the app starts playing out the Latin, the ghost goes berserk. It lashes out, lightening fast, and it grabs the phone from me, sends it flying across the room. Bash - into a wall!

“If that phone had broken then it was all over, but it was still going. The ghost is screaming bloody murder but there’s not much it can do, it’s already falling apart and as soon as the incantation finishes on the phone they disappear altogether. But just as that one disappears, four or five others appear, rising up from their graves on the floor, and they’re between me and my phone.”

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Tom is covering for Amy on maternity leave at the unit. A firm that keeps the country safe from paranormal invasions. He has been recently sent on a job to look for a ghost. Even though 9 times out of 10 they aren't real, he finds out this one is, and it's the first of many.

Dan is a fantastic writer with just the right amount of humour and mystery thrown in together. It's definitely a series that you can get your teeth into and will have you second-guessing trying to unravel things.

If I have any criticisms it's I don't like the ending but that's only because I wasn't ready for it to finish, now I'm going to have to wait for the next one!

Super job, Dan!

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Dan Harris is a writer. It's hard to deny that fact because he wrote the words that you’re currently reading.

Another hard-to-deny fact about Dan: He was born in the South West of England and moved roughly clockwise around Britain until he arrived back almost exactly where he started, except twenty years older and unemployed.

His writing has been described as some of the best urban fantasy humour to come out of Britain in the last thirty years. However, that description was from a close personal friend and should be viewed with suspicion.

Yet another fact about Dan: His only close personal friend is his cat, Sampson.

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