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NBTM & #Giveaway: Legend of the Tragik by Chad L.E McGhie

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Not all fires are welcoming.

After decades of war, this had never been more true for the neighboring kingdoms of Tristren and Zemotze. Locked in a tense armistice, there was a promise of a treaty in the air. However, as the Blademage Volgare flees from his enemies, he can see through the wall of deception that clouds the land.

Meanwhile, in the bustling city of Brigandee, the shadow of the weapon known as the Tragik has crept in closer than comfortable. The young man named Hinro Gaskette lives a simple life, expecting little other than to be a soldier like his father before him.

Those expectations are shattered, however, when tragedy awakens a nightmarish power from within . . .

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“Funeral preparations are being made for those that did not survive.”

“I feel...I do not feel that injured, considering,” Hinro nodded slowly, replying as he rose, scratching his head awkwardly. Amy had a shocked gaze upon her, and people were glancing at them nervously now as they passed by… some longer than others. “I apparently made an impression.”

Standing with him, Amy’s face hardened. “Despite your inability to explain how you did it, I suppose you are the hero of the night. If it was not for you, none of us would have survived to see the morning.”

It was difficult to convince him of that, however: the grief was too heavy in his heart. Hinro looked around at the death that surrounded them, shaking his head. “I am no hero.”

As they made their way towards their home on the hill, debris was strewn in every direction. Some gave Hinro a nod and a quick word of condolence, making sure that he was well and his wounds were not too grave. “It is miraculous you are even standing,” a wounded soldier commented as they passed, eyes wide with an admiring fear.” Barging through blades and blunted weapons…you felled countless enemies. You are worthy of your father’s name.”

Nodding in thanks, Hinro could say nothing more, tears swelling as they pressed on.

It was somehow more peaceful at the top of the hill, the noise of the city below their earshot. As the two siblings walked into their house, a shocked look upon their faces that it had been unharmed by the battle and flames. They sat down at the empty table, the interior of their home eerily quiet and hollow.

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Chad L.E McGhie, also known as Chad W. McGhie, is a diverse and exciting entertainer from Alberta, Canada. A father of five, author, and hip-hop musican, his life is full of adventure and excitement that he only hopes translates into his creative works. Whether you are enjoying his music, attending a performance, or now reading his novels, Chad L.E McGhie aims to please his audiences wherever they may be.

You can find Chad L.E McGhie on YouTube, streaming platforms, most social media websites, as well as

Chad sincerely hopes you enjoy the journey that is Legend of the Tragik, and thanks you for coming along.





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