Midnight Redemption(Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles #6)by Arial Burnz

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Obsession doesn't begin to cover it.

Soul mate. Eternal love. Even those words don't do her justice.

I crave her.

I need her.

And yet this damned prophecy looms over every stolen moment we’ve had together.

The entire supernatural world is coming at us like a comet, bent on destroying those we love.

Come heaven or hell, I'll protect her.

No matter what the cost.

No matter who I have to kill.

Even if I have to die to keep her safe.


Read the final book of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles NOW!

Although this is the conclusion of the series, it is written as a stand-alone novel for new readers.

The books in this paranormal romance series for adults are written as standalone novels, but they are better enjoyed if they are read in order.

Reader Advisory: This is vampire romance with sex and it has historical settings as a backdrop.

Angus & Kahli Interview for Archaeolibrarian

By Arial Burnz

Greetings! Archaeolibrarian has given me a list of questions to conduct an interview with Angus and Kahli Campbell – two anti-heroes of my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles. By the way, this entire series is on Kindle Unlimited if you’re interested in checking out the books risk-free.

Intro to the Series

For those of you visitors who may be new to my books, this is a paranormal romance series where the main hero of the story – Broderick MacDougal – pursues his soul mate – Davina – through history.

Here’s a list of the books in chronological order and the time periods they cover…

· Midnight Conquest (Book 1) – 1513, Scotland

· Midnight Captive (Book 2) – 1531, Scotland

· Midnight Hunt (Book 3) – 1636, Germany

· Midnight Eclipse (Book 4) – 1739, Shetland Islands

· Frostbitten Hearts (Book 4.1) – 1769, Wales – spin-off novella

· Midnight Savior (Book 5) – 1888, London

· Midnight Redemption (Book 6) – 2019, Los Angeles

Though Frostbitten Hearts (Book 4.1) takes place in the Bonded By Blood world, it is not necessary to read the other books in the series to enjoy the novella. So if you’re not on Kindle Unlimited and would still like to check out my books, CLICK HERE to download a FREE copy of this novella now, which gives you an option to join my VIP Club—it’s free. You’ll get weekly freebies, exclusive sneak peeks and members-only pricing for new releases. But more importantly, it will give you a good sample of my writing and the Bonded By Blood world.

All the books have been written as stand-alone stories, but reading the series in order does give an additional layer of enjoyment as you see how the overall arcing storyline plays out.

What’s that overall arc? Redemption for Vampires, and that is finally resolved in my latest release—Midnight Redemption, the conclusion of the main series.

Angus & Kahli

Angus Campbell is the reason why my main hero, Broderick “Rick” MacDougal, turned to the dark side and became a vampire – revenge. Angus slaughtered Rick’s family…but as you’ll read in the series (namely in Midnight Eclipse – Book 4), Angus had good reasons. At least from his perspective.

Readers have told me they hate Angus in the first three books, but after Book 4 he’s become one of their favorite characters! And Kahli, along with him.

Angus and Kahli met in Midnight Savior, Book 5 of the series, and you get to see a bit of their dark love story. These two are dangerous, broken people who find each other in the sinister and seedy underworld of Victorian London. But through each other, they find healing and learn to let go of their horrible pasts.

So, let’s get started…

The Interview

I’ve selected a rather public place in the city of New Orleans, where Angus and Kahli are renting a mansion in the Garden District of this historic metropolis. Kahli was born here in 1732 as a slave. Her father was a plantation owner (who was also an Elemental, wielding magic of the elements) and her mother was his human concubine. Though she was his slave, they fell in love and lived as husband and wife. What started out as a happy childhood for Kahli turned into a rather grim ending, which you read about in the Epilogue of Book 4, Midnight Eclipse, where Kahli’s character is introduced.

It’s early September 2019, so the evening weather is in the mid-to-high 80s and humid. I wait outside at a sidewalk café in the French Quarter, enjoying a cold glass of iced tea. White holiday lights twinkle around the pergola of the patio, creating an intimate atmosphere despite the small crowd. A public location with people milling about means safety in numbers and plenty of witnesses in case something goes south.

Should I be fearing for my life? With these two? Absolutely!

The vampires in my books aren’t necessarily warm and fuzzy and they certainly don’t sparkle. My vampires EAT people…in more ways than one. (Rawr!). On a positive note, if Angus and Kahli were to take a special liking to me, I might end up in their bedroom. Yep…they’re definitely the kind of couple that likes to share their appetite with others.

“Yer a naughty lass, Arial.”

I start as Angus’s deep, Scottish brogue feathers my ear. I forgot to mention…my vampires can hear the thoughts of mortals and see the images we have in our minds. Busted!

He straightens and unfurls a deviously sexy grin. Angus hovers a possessive hand at Kahli’s elbow as they walk around my chair and help themselves to seats at the table. My heart is pounding a mile a minute and the air suddenly takes a hike toward a hundred degrees.

Kahli flutters a husky chuckle. “Why so embarrassed, darlin’? You’re an author of erotic romance. Such dark desires are part of yo’ writin’ tools.”

Her southern drawl swirls around me like a summer breeze.I smirk and lean forward in hopes the nearby patrons won’t overhear me. “Yeah, but getting caught being naughty is still a bit unnerving. That’s an invasion of privacy, you know.”

The server takes their drink order – Angus a Guinness and Kahli a mint julip.

I raise a skeptical brow. “Okay, now you two are patronizing me with cliché drink choices.”

Sitting back, they continue to grin and, when their drinks arrive, they make no move to touch them. Okay, whatever. I cross my arms and Angus lifts his ankle to his knee.

“Let’s get down to business, shall we?” I reference the list on my notebook. “So, I had a question here from Archaeolibrarian that asks if there’s anyone in your life you’re attracted to. Obviously, that would be each other, so—”

“Since we went as far as gettin’ married, I would agree. However...” Kahli slips her hand over Angus’s thigh. Sensuality is the very essence of this Creole. “As you were already fantasizin’ about, we do extend our attraction to others.”

Her eyes drop to explore my throat and breasts and the silver glow of the Hunger flashes in her pupils.I swallow my apprehensions with a gulp of iced tea.

Angus rumbles a soft laugh. “Yer gonna get the lass too flustered to continue the interview, mo chroi.”

Kahli twitches a raven brow, but cracks a smile. I knew it. She’s totally messing with me.

She nods. “I am teasin’ you, Arial. But ya know our tastes do indeed extend to invitin’ others into the bedroom for a late-night snack.”

As if on cue, a couple of young women two tables over grin and whisper behind their hands. Angus and Kahli exchange a glance, but don’t acknowledge the interest the ladies are showing. My vampires have very acute senses, so I have no doubt they heard whatever the girls said to one another. I, however,am left in the dark and my interviewees aren’t divulging any secrets.

I clear my throat. “As I was saying, ‘What do you think he or she can do for you that no one else can?’is the follow-up question.”

“How graphic do ye want me to get, lass?” Angus waggles his eyebrows.

“Quit being so naughty.” I toss my pencil to the table.

He throws his head back and laughs with a smooth allure that goes down like aged whisky.

“All right, on a serious note.” Angus takes a sip of his Guinness before lacing his fingers with that of his wife. “Bein’ that Kahli is a Spirit Elemental, she has used her powers to heal me soul scarred from the horrible deeds I did so long ago. No one else has been able to reach me pain like her and I owe her me life.” He brings the back of her hand to his lips and caresses a sensual kiss across her coffee-creamed skin.

“And you?” I incline my chin toward Kahli.

Her appreciative eyes linger on Angus. “Angus’s love for me has done my healin’. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He understands me on a level only one other person has, and that was my mentor, Marie Laveau.”

“Ah, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. I’ll save asking you questions about her, since your meeting is detailed in the Epilogue of Midnight Eclipse. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers. But I will ask the next question from Archaeolibrarian. ‘What parts of loving come easy or hard to you?’ And this is directed to you both.”A mischievous glint sparkles in Angus’s green eyes and I hold up my palm. “Save the erection jokes. I know I said the word hard.”

His chest bounces with a deep chuckle. “All right, I’ll spare ye.But ye just keep leavin’ yerself wide open.”

Kahli pats his thigh. “The hardest part of lovin’ Angus at the beginnin’ was givin’ him what he needed instead of what he wanted. I had to exercise a lot of tough love.”

A grunt dislodges his shoulders. “Aye. When she found me in the Blood Palaces o’ London, I was heavily addicted to opium.”

“Can you explain that a little for my readers since alcohol and drugs don’t affect vampires in the traditional way?”

Angus nods. “Takin’ any narcotics or alcohol directly into a vampire’s system is pointless. Our blood quickly assimilates and heals from the effects. But opiates, for some reason, can affect us if we consume the blood o’ someone who is high on the drug. It has a rather orgasmic climax to the high and then lingers, leavin’ one in a dream state.” He picks at the seam of his jeans and Kahli covers his hand with hers.The corner of his mouth puckers in a half-smile. “At the time, I was plagued with guilt, so all I wanted to do was disappear from the voices hauntin’ me. Kahli took me away from the palace and the drugs. I fought her on it even though she’s right. What I wanted was the escape, but I needed me soul to heal. And she did that fer me.”

“And we’ll do one more question: ‘If you had one wish, what would it be?’”

Angus’s smile fades to melancholy and he drops his gaze to Kahli’s hand, which he holds tight in his grasp.

Tout va bien, mon cœur,” she whispers and brushes a cinnamon lock of his long hair behind his ear.

“To truly reconcile with me brother, Broderick…if he’ll have me.”

Their reconciliation is key to the prophecy being fulfilled, giving vampires redemption. And that’s the big climax coming in Midnight Redemption, Book 6.

“And you, Kahli?”

“The same wish I’ve had since I met Angus. For him to be happy.”

Angus kisses Kahli’s cheek. “Well, I’m famished. See anythin’ on the menu that piques yer fancy, luv?”

Kahli slides her gaze to the two young women at the far table and purrs. “I certainly do.”

Angus groans appreciatively. “Ye’ll have to excuse us, lass.”

He and Kahli rise from their chairs, effectively ending the interview, and saunter over to the women. Kahli caresses the nape of one gal and Angus lifts the knuckles of the other to his lips. The two ladies become enraptured and exchange words I can’t hear, but judging by the excitement in the mortals’ eyes as they follow Kahli from the restaurant,it’s not hard to figure out.

Angus glances around and drops a few bills on the table. His gaze stops at me, and he grins. “Don’t worry. They won’t remember a thing.”

He winks and executes long strides to catch up to his wife and their new evening snacks.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the brief encounter with my two characters. If you have any questions for either of them or me, just leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to have Kahli and Angus answer. They’ll be using my account, but you’ll know who’s answering, I’m sure.

A special thank you to Archaeolibrarian for having me as a guest on the blog! Midnight Redemption will be available on Kindle Unlimited and,from April 14 – May 1, it’s available at a discount release price of $3.99 (retail $6.99). This book is a whopper at 735 pages, over 150k words in length, so you’re in for an exciting, action-packed and long conclusion to the series. Enjoy!!

4 out of 5 (very good)

Midnight Redemption is the finale of the Bonded by Blood series and you are in for an explosive, non-stop-action read!

Although you could read this as a standalone, I do believe you would get the most out of it if you do read it as a series. After all, characters and previous lives are mentioned (some in great detail) so I think it would help to know just what is going on and who is who!

Anyway, things have changed a lot since the last book. Broderick buried himself in a crypt, thinking he was doing the right thing. Anthony has been carrying on with the business. Davina thought her mum was insane and said mum ended up in a mental hospital. Phew! And into that numerous characters from other books including the Norse Wolves (yey!!!!) and there really is so much going on.

This is one helluva finale! One I have waited for and am NOT disappointed in the result. The only thing I would say is that because of the previous lives mentioned I sometimes got confused. All that means though is that I will be re-reading this as a complete series now it is complete - to get the full enjoyment, you understand!

Midnight Eclipse is still my favourite in the series but this one comes a close second. Absolutely recommended by me!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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