Mirrorfall (Ash & Blue, #1) by Stormy Sto Helit

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A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two: she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back–or at least that’s how she remembers it.

Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker. When a simple coding job turns out to be more than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in more ways than one and gets to meet her angel again.

As it turns out, her angel is really Ryan: an operative for an organization known only as the Agency. Their second meeting recruits Stef into his world, where bleeding-edge science is indistinguishable from magic and where she might just be farther out of her element than she already was in normal life.

Science fiction collides with Urban Fantasy in the first instalment of Ash & Blue, Mirrorfall.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Steph has been headhunted to help unravel a code that has been found that so far nobody has had any luck trying to decipher. Whilst working on the code she finds the mansion under attack she hides out in the best place she can think of, she does get found and for some reason, the person that found her seems very familiar and when he reveals why she is stunned!

Mirrorfall is the first in the series Ash and Blue. I found the book quite interesting - it's a bit MIB mixed with Winx saga and a bit more besides. Although I found it captivating there were times when I kind of thought hang on a minute, really would you process news like that as quickly as she seemed to? There were also times I did feel slightly confused as to what was going on that was more in the first few chapters though it may just have been me.

I did enjoy the overall story and experiences that happened in there so would definitely recommend you read this.

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