Opposed Desires (Rehoboth Pact #2) by Katherine McIntyre

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Closet Romantic falling for the Hookup Queen? Never gonna happen… until one memorable vacation changes it all.

When it comes to women, Aubrey Moore believes in no-strings-attached hookups and keeping things simple. On her beach trip, her plan is clear—hit the bars and find single hotties. What she doesn't bargain on is the phone call from her sister. Distraught, Aubrey would like to have a breakdown in private, but the one woman who’s never fallen for her slick lines takes her by surprise and blurs her simple rules.

The last thing owner of the Renegades bar, Selina Beckett, expects to see on vacation is Aubrey Moore in the middle of a personal crisis. Every time they meet, they clash—whether Aubrey was picking up women at Selina’s bar or flirting to try and get her attention. Selina’s not interested in flings, cheaters, or womanizers, so she’s made a point to avoid Aubrey at all costs. But this raw, real side of Aubrey convinces her to bend those rules, just a little.

The more Selina gets to know Aubrey beyond the bravado, the more she begins to fall. But each day closer to the end of their vacation marks a return to reality—one where this entanglement between them won’t survive.

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One of the things I love to write most in the enemies to lovers trope is banter—sometimes witty, sometimes caustic, always razor sharp, and from the beginning, Selina and Aubrey were on fire. When I was writing it, I felt like half the book was them arguing and yet I couldn’t stop them anyway—the pair was so at odds and so entertaining. It was such a joy to watch such opposites—the flirty, vivacious womanizer and the introspective, sarcastic commitment junkie—meet their match in each other and begin to find common ground.


Selina Beckett sat on one of the wicker benches on the porch of the house beside theirs, her feet propped up and her nose buried in a book.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world,” Aubs called out as she came to a stop and rerouted her steps to Selina’s direction. She should keep walking—Selina was the owner of Renegades, the hottest queer bar in Wilmington, and she had threatened to ban Aubrey almost a dozen times. But Aubrey couldn’t deny that any challenge thrilled her, and the tougher the woman was, the more she got inspired to ram those walls down.

Y’know, until they hooked up and Aubrey ghosted. Because she was chickenshit on her best day. That would never happen with Selina. The woman loathed her.

All the more reason to annoy her now.

Aubrey’s feet creaked on the steps of Selina’s porch as she approached. The woman placed her book on her lap to look at her.

Selina Beckett normally dressed in a mixture of sophisti-goth and punk when she worked at the bar with Wiccan charms around her neck and wrists, but today she wore a pale off-the-shoulder tee with the black straps of a sports bra poking out and a pair of maroon leggings underneath that came to mid-calf.

She arched an elegant eyebrow. “What are you doing here, Aubrey?” The bright sunlight illuminated the copper in her skin, making her dark eyes and her relaxed black pixie cut stand out even more. The woman’s sensual lips told a story with each quirk, everything about her a mixture of mysterious, sultry, and cutting.

“We’re staying next door for the week, Selina,” she said, elongating her full name. “Looks like we’ll be neighbors.”

Selina stared at the ceiling of the porch. “Goddess, what did I do to deserve this punishment?”

“Maybe she heard you were a little masochistic,” Aubs teased, her voice growing husky. Nothing thrilled her more than watching the woman’s irritation grow.

“Maybe she’s trying to teach me patience,” Selina shot back. “Are you going to have the normal pussy parade coming through? Make sure to keep it down in the late hours—I like getting sleep on vacation.”

“I can’t help if the ladies are enjoying themselves,” Aubs said with a wink. “I like my partners to leave satisfied.”

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

OPPOSED DESIRES is the second book in the Rehoboth Pact series. We met Aubrey briefly in Sky and Mia's book, but now we meet her again, and find out more about this complex character.

Opposites attract, so they say, and these two fit that description perfectly. Both have been burned in past relationships, but where one goes one way, the other goes the other. Make sense? It will, trust me. I loved the build up between these two, and how secrets were spilled during moonlit walks on the beach. Who doesn't like that?! I loved how there was no simple, straightforward fix. Instead, we have a push/pull situation where both of them are scared to move forward.

I found the world-building to be just as good as book one. The characters remain amazing and quirky in their own unique ways. This is steamy and so well-written. They actually learn about each other, instead of 'instinctively' knowing which buttons to push. And the ending was all I could have wished for.

I enjoyed Sky and Mia's story. I loved Aubrey and Selina's. The only trouble I've got is Kyle is next (who I can't wait for) and if the trend continues, I'll need another star!

A shining jewel in Ms McIntyre's crown! Absolutely recommended by me.

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