Opposed Desires (Rehoboth Pact #2) by Katherine McIntyre

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Closet Romantic falling for the Hookup Queen? Never gonna happen… until one memorable vacation changes it all.

When it comes to women, Aubrey Moore believes in no-strings-attached hookups and keeping things simple. On her beach trip, her plan is clear—hit the bars and find single hotties. What she doesn't bargain on is the phone call from her sister. Distraught, Aubrey would like to have a breakdown in private, but the one woman who’s never fallen for her slick lines takes her by surprise and blurs her simple rules.

The last thing owner of the Renegades bar, Selina Beckett, expects to see on vacation is Aubrey Moore in the middle of a personal crisis. Every time they meet, they clash—whether Aubrey was picking up women at Selina’s bar or flirting to try and get her attention. Selina’s not interested in flings, cheaters, or womanizers, so she’s made a point to avoid Aubrey at all costs. But this raw, real side of Aubrey convinces her to bend those rules, just a little.

The more Selina gets to know Aubrey beyond the bravado, the more she begins to fall. But each day closer to the end of their vacation marks a return to reality—one where this entanglement between them won’t survive.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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This is book 2 in the Rehoboth Pact series, but it's not necessary to have rea book 1, Confined Desires, before this. Not necessary, but I would strongly RECOMMEND you do. Aubrey revokes the Pact in that book, and you need to know why.

Aubrey is a player. She goes out and gets one she wants, and there are no repeats. She is the polar opposite of Selina, who would rather go without than do what Aubrey does. In a moment of something totally out of character for BOTH these women, there is a fundamental shift in their relationship. But this is a vacation, and the real world encroaches.

I really enjoyed book 1, and I really enjoyed this one, for different reasons.

This is HEAVY on the emotional aspect from both these women. Aubs mum is ill, and she is worried that things are really bad again. Selina is lonely: she wants someone to love her, just as she is. And I cried a bit for both Aubs and Selina, I really did. They are both a little bit broken by their life experiences and actually talking to each other, rather than sniping at each other, starts them on a path neither is quite prepared for.

I love love LOVED that I had to wait for Selina to give in to Aubrey. But equally than AUBREY was the one who really wanted to wait. Aubrey usually had a different girl every night, but a whole vacation week, without a single one? Totally unheard of and I loved that her friends noticed. The smexy stuff is not especially explicit, but I'm finding I like that in these books. There is more to a relationship than sex and these women are finding that.

Skye and Mia (from book 1) are here, but also Kyle, who is the third in this little trio of friends. We didn't meet her before and she has a tale to tell, I can feel it. Her book is next, but not til bloody January! Kyle revokes the Pact here.

creeping up to 4.5 stars, (but rounding down to 4 for the blog, sorry!) can't quite stretch to five, but maybe Kyle can squeeze that extra bit outta me!

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Strong women. Strong words. Katherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature. She writes stories featuring snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes--high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix. As an eternal geek and tomboy who's always stepped to her own beat, she's made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of people out there, from different cultures and races to all varieties of men and women. Easily distracted by cats and sugar.

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