Orestin's Own by L. Alyssa Austin

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The veil is thinning. Every day more undead creatures slip into Everra. Soon their most terrifying kin, spawn of the dark goddess Orestin, will emerge to devour all life. 

Master Historian Mycellane enlists an aging Knight and an inexperienced priestess to join him on a journey to obtain an ancient artifact—one that can bring an end to the incursion. But their salvation lies on the other side of the veil, in the Dead Waste of Myrcantos, and only one person can bring them through: a Myrcantan necromancer who remains loyal to the enemy.

The path before them leads through a barren, unforgiving land. Ravenous abominations lurk in the shadows. But the greatest danger to their mission is the hatred and distrust they feel for one another...

4 out of 5 (very good)

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A Knight, a Priestess and a Necromancer set off on a quest... What could go wrong?

Enough to break my heart to be fair. Not bad to say I wasn't sure I'd be able to read Orestin's Own at all. I'm not normally a reader of things written in a medieval time period but I'm so glad I read this. 

I love the way the characters grow, how they each become more than you'd expect. 

Caelesta, the Priestess, is by all accounts still a child in her mid-teens, full of hope and naivety. She's the one I think I feel for the most. She is sent out into a world that even an experienced adult would be hard pushed to find their way through... She does what is needed but the cost is high.

Solarys, the Knight, is a wary warrior. He's seen and done things that nobody should have to but still he does his duty to protect his people and honour his God.

Melèbrand, the Necromancer, for all the evil he has done, has a weakness where Caelesta is concerned... it's almost bittersweet.

I would love an epilogue to help fully close the book so to speak... unless L. Alyssa Austin is going to treat us to a follow up? 

Orestin's Own is a solid 4 out of 5 for me. The right level of detail, good characters and good continuity, no random jumps that make you wonder what's happening.

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Alyssa grew up in New Jersey but she currently resides in Alabama. She has too many pets and not enough time for writing. Her favorite hobby after writing is reading. Books were her sustenance growing up, and she still devours as many as she can every week. Her favorite genres have always been female-authored fantasy and science fiction-- think classics like Barbara Hambly, C.J Cherryh, Elizabeth Bear and Robin McKinley, as well as Rosemary Edghill, Catherynne M. Valente, Sarah Monette/Katherine Addison, Naomi Novik, V.E Schwab, Rachel Neumeier, Katherine Arden, and T. Kingfisher.

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