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Perfect Melody Silenced (Gen-Heirs World: Bella and the Beast Master #2) by Sarah Westill


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At the request of a desperate family searching for answers, Ruthenian Beast Master Markus Ralston, and his wolf Lunah, have returned to the shores of Sziveria.

Punished for her assistance in the capture of a serial killer, Bella Fenwick has been relegated to working in the basement of the Sziverian National Investigative Division. She can’t afford to complain however, so she keeps to herself, does her job, and hopes the guardians out to fire her won’t succeed. Once again, the arrival of Markus sends her world spinning, in more ways than one…

Markus grasps the only option available – he takes Bella from her demoted position and places her at his side, where it’s becoming clear to him, she belongs. Together, they begin investigating the mysterious death of a young rising singer.

But more than a murder case arises when Markus learns the truth about why Bella’s so desperate to keep her position within an organization that cares nothing for her. A revelation that makes him realize he may have to claim her as his mate before she’s ready to admit to the fiery spark igniting between them…

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

PERFECT MELODY SILENCED is the second book in the Gen-Heirs World: Bella and the Beast Master series. It does follow on from book one so I would definitely recommend you read that one first. Plus, it was a 5-star read so why miss out?

Markus is back in town and wanting to catch up with Bella. Only, she's not at the docks to meet him. So he tracks her down, because of course he does, and finds out she has been punished for helping him. This immediately puts him into protective mode. Lunah is Little Miss Twinkle Toes, dancing around as she is so happy to be back with Bella. And Bella? Well, the first thing she does is lay a big smacker on Markus' lips, so that gives you an idea about how happy she is!

The mystery that these three need to solve is a good one but, I'll be honest here, I wasn't that invested in it - which pains me to say as I know how much work the author must have put into it. But it's Markus, Bella, and Lunah!!! I need them together, I really do. And it's not just because it's steamy, because we're still in slow-burn territory, but because of how well they balance each other out. The passion is there, don't get me wrong, but it's not ALL about that.

This was an outstanding book 2 and it's left me with a definite hankering for book 3. Once I have all of them, I may just binge-read the whole lot in one day. When is book 3 coming out, by the way? Asking for a friend!


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