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Tour & #Giveaway: Phantom Hearts by Minnette Meador




#Paranormal, #RomanticComedy,

Brianna's house is filled with ghosts, the neighborhood association is trying to get her evicted, and she just found out she's pregnant with a demon child. Not even her tarot cards can help her. To top everything off, officer Thompson, her new love, thinks he can make it go away, but he's just making it worse! When she winds up touring the 9 levels of Hell with her baby daddy, only Thompson and her dead grandmother can help her. But they better do it quick... A Ghost Series Book

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Those beautiful eyes never left her as he bowed deep. “Your humble servant, madame. Sir Reginald Constantine Angelos, knight of the first order, keeper of the keys of Crete, minister of the Philistines.” Then he smiled mischievously. “But you can call me Reggie.”

He moved to the back of the boat and held out his hand. “You could stay on the boat, but I’m afraid the only way out of here is forward. I swear to you on my mother’s soul, I will not harm you. Please.”

It was the please that got her. Inside that one word was safety, comfort, joy, peace and all the emotions she sorely missed. Without her knowledge, her hand took his and let him bring her to the shore.

When she got there, she surprised herself. Without thinking, she balled her right hand tight, pulled her lips in, and hit him across the jaw with a perfect right hook. Like a boxer on his best day, it had some real power behind it.

Reggie stumbled back in wonder, grabbed his chin, glared at her, and then burst out laughing. “I guess I deserved that.”

“You think?” she snapped.

Bri’s anger was neutralizing the spell Reggie was trying to spin. Everything hit her at once; the seduction, the baby, Reggie, hell, Thompson, the ghosts… it was too much.

Slowly sinking to the ground, Bri curled into a ball of confusion and refused to get up. When Reggie approached her, she screamed again.

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Somewhere between thirty and hair, blue eyes...six kids, one slightly used husband, and any number of pets from time to time... wanttabe hippy... wanttheirmoney yuppie... pro musician and actress for 20 Years... native Oregonian... lover of music, beauty, and all things green. Willing slave to the venerable muse. Minnette currently resides in Lincoln City, Oregon with her husband, having replaced the children with one dog and two cats. The dog, Milo, pretty much runs the show.

Her novels include:

Starsight, Volume I, II, epic fantasy, (Amazon)

The Centurion & The Queen, Book I in the Centurion Series, historical romance (Amazon)

The Edge of Honor, historical romance, Book II in the Centurion Series (Amazon)

The Gladiator Prince, historical romance, Book III in the Centurion Series (Amazon)

A Ghost of a Chance, paranormal romantic comedy, Book I in the Ghost Series (Amazon)

The Belle Stalker, urban fantasy thriller (Amazon)

Nogero, alternate universe fantasy (Amazon Kindle Villa)

Phantom Hearts, paranormal romantic comedy, a Ghost Series Book (Amazon Kindle


Coming Soon:

The Pirate Prince, historical romance, Book IV (Amazon) 2023

Haunted Hearts, Book II in the Ghost Series, paranormal romantic comedy (Amazon) 2023

Wy’east, urban fantasy thriller (TBD) 2023

Arpeggios in the Dark, sci-fi 2023

Wy’east, Book II, urban fantasy thriller 2024

Starsight, The God Wars (prequel), epic fantasy - 2024

Starsight, The Restless Seed (sequel), epic fantasy - 2025

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