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Madeline Everly wants to climb her muscular bartender like a mountain, but he seems opposed to the idea. After she starts working alongside him behind the bar, will he finally give into her? When Madeline’s misogynistic boss, overbearing mother, and grudge holding sister become too much to bear, it’s time to let off a little steam. Mads has a wild streak, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She likes men, and she has her sights set on one in particular—Exel Kinley. If she can check him off her to-do list, maybe he won’t take up so much room in her head. As nothing in her life has ever been permanent, Mads has no problems going through men like she goes through gin and tonics at happy hour. Can she have the adventure she wants and the pleasure she craves, all from the same man?

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Nate comes through the door next, but I’m the only one who notices. Everyone else is gathered around Bridget and Brynn, so I walk over to greet him.

“I didn’t think you’d show when we invited you, but I’m glad you came.”

He wiggles his eyebrows at me as he opens his jacket to show the flask sticking out the top of the inside pocket. “I brought reinforcements.”

I squeal in excitement like Brynn would before putting a hand on each side of his face. I bring him down to me and give him a playful kiss, right on the lips. “You are a good man!”

I notice his expression changes after what I thought was an innocent smooch. He makes a point to lick his lips. With a hand grabbing my hip, he brings his head down to whisper in my ear, “You have no idea how good I can be.”

My eyes widen in shock. Where the hell did that come from? We’ve always played around, but the look in Nate’s eyes seems serious.

5 Things you’ve learned about self-publishing.

I think I could write this article blindfolded. The only difficult part will be limiting what I’ve learned in self-publishing to five main things. So, here it is!

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know, so make a point to find out. Podcasts are your friends. Articles are your friends. My husband was stationed in Florida which at the time was a little over a five-hour drive for me to visit him. I was bored one day and found a random book marketing podcast (Dave Chesson’s Kindlepreneur podcast) and a whole new world opened up to me. I already had my first book out at the time, and it startled me to realize the deep chasm of how much I did not know. I started using my time well and devoured many podcasts on my long drives and read article after article when I wasn’t driving, learning how to sell what I had created. My success has grown at the same rate of the effort I’ve put into learning the business. The thing is people think they’ve written a book, so it should just fly off the shelf. However, that rarely happens. The other side, and sometimes the more important side, is all about book marketing. I’m not saying you shouldn’t put in the time to study your craft. I’m saying you have to do both. You have to have a quality product, and you have to know how to sell it. The first and best piece of advice is to find out where the knowledge is kept on how to accomplish this, and dive in!

  2. The next piece of advice is to keep reading the books you love. There was a period of time in which I was worried another author’s book would too heavily influence what I was writing, but I have since realized it doesn’t. What it does do is it keeps my creative juices flowing and inspires me. Plus, you can pick up certain tropes or styles you may not have been aware of before. You read books differently after you’ve written one or two. Things you’ve never noticed before will now pop out and catch your attention.

  3. Another thing I’ve learned is Amazon’s mythical algorithm is its own sentient beast that no one has figured out. Sure, it helps new releases. Sure, it promotes books that are flying off the shelves, so to speak; however, the rest is a mystery and anyone who tells you they understand it is a liar. One thing I will tell you is to use a shortened web address when promoting your book. If you just copy and paste the link from Amazon, it comes with a reference code. Then, when people purchase your book using that link, Amazon can trace it back to when you shared it. They will sometimes assume it’s your family or friends leaving reviews and choose not to post them.

  4. Learn how to advertise and be prepared to invest in your product. Some authors swear by Facebook Ads, Bookbub ads work for others. Find a platform and figure out what works for you. Genres like the ones I write in have lots of competition, and paid advertising is a must. The chances of successfully launching a book without putting an investment behind it isn’t odds I would be comfortable taking.

  5. Have an online presence. You will feel overwhelmed since you’re not only writing, you’re also marketing and now you have to keep up your social media, but it is essential. Readers want to connect with you, and you need to be accessible. Also, you should have a website where your readers can land to learn more about you.

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P.J. DeVere is the author of The Starkford Series. She was born and raised in Mississippi, where she is still a practicing attorney. A life-long lover of books, P.J. finds it hard to tear herself away from a steamy romance novel. She’s had multiple careers in her life, but writing is by far her favorite. Before earning her law degree from Ole Miss, she was a fifth-grade teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Mississippi State.

She is a wonderful wife, a terrible housekeeper, and a devoted mother. Her sons are all grown with lives of their own, and she is making use of this newfound time and freedom to get to know the imaginary friends in her head. She is giving readers a distinctly different view of life in the South as not everyone down here spits tobacco through a missing tooth hole or says “I declare” while lazily fanning herself under a magnolia tree. P.J. has found joy in creating a series of novels that reflects the Mississippi she knows and loves, and she hopes her readers will find the lure of returning to Starkford as irresistible as she does.

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