Reap This Three: Getting Back Mine (Oh So Happy Holidays #3) by Rafe Jadison

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Seamus O’Donnell has waited forever for Mine, the reaper who has saved his life on more than one occasion. At least that’s what his coven tells him.

On a crisp Samhain morning when his coven sends him back in time to get this man he loves so much, Seamus soon finds himself in the middle of witch trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and bloody wars in a time before civilization.

As he battles eons of pain and lifetimes of loss, Seamus must ask himself will if love find a way to break the curse that has kept him and Mine apart for too many lifetimes, or will he lose Mine forever?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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This is book 3 in the Oh Happy Holidays series, and you really MUST, I mean MUST read books one, Reap This, and book 2, Reap This Two before this one. Preferably, back-to-back. I had a big gap between book 3 and 3, and I think I lost a little bit of the experience by not reading all three together. And you won't get the massive cliff hanger after book 2, if you read them together, either!

Seamus wants Mine back. His coven discover a way to find Mine before he was the sceptre he is now. There follows a chase across time and space to get the two lovers back together.

And for the most part, I did enjoy this, I really did. I'm left felling . . .kinda . . bereft . . maybe? This is an ending, and Seamus IS happy, but I'm feeling there is more, you know?? I'm feeling (and ya'll know I'm all about my book feelings!) that there is more to come, and that Seamus and Mine really do get their very happy holiday. Again, I just can't see how that might happen!

I loved the trips back in time, and I loved that we learnt (learned? I can never get that one right!) more about Ian and Khnurn's relationship and just how much history they had. And I love love LOVED that Mine and Seamus had history too and that was a total surprise!

Mr Jadison has a way of pulling you in, keeping you fully engaged, and cutting you off just when you think you got the book sorted, you know?? So again, there were a few choice words, and the sky had a tinge of blue, just not quite as bad after reading Reap This Too!

So, thank you, yes, it was totally worth the wait, but are you really REALLY done with Seamus and Mine, huh?? Are you?? Are ya, huh, huh????

Cos I don't think so

4 slightly streaked blue stars

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Rafe Jadison is the author of Seduced by Shark Shifters, Seduced by Shark Shifters II: Logan’s Tail, Seduced by Shark Shifters III: Tom’s Turn, Reap This, Blake Blacks Out, and Peter Passenger and the Mothman. He has a great love of the water and of people, and he hopes that shows in his writing.  He has lived most of his life by the water and knows just how magical a place it can be, and what wonderful things can happen there.  It is this magical association with the water that inspires him to continue writing the By the Water series.  In the Oh, So Happy Holiday series, Rafe hopes to celebrate many different people and the wide and wonderful variety of things that they believe in.  The Differing Sexuality Series, is designed to showcase those people who romance novels and erotica frequently forget.

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