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VBT & #Giveaway: Rebirth of a Sage by Lani Gonzales

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A TRANSFORMATIONAL MEMOIR OF LOVE AND LIGHT. In Lani Gonzales' intimate self-help debut, Rebirth of a Sage, readers meet the woman she was when she discovered ayahuasca and commenced her journey toward spiritual rejuvenation. Panicked, fearful, and drained, she hoped for an escape for both her and the lonely little girl she'd buried inside. Guided by the Shamans and supported by friends she made along the way, her cleanse progressed one ceremony at a time, culminating in a state of pure spiritual refinement. Through eleven soul-stirring chapters enriched with enlightenment and healing, readers experience a kaleidoscope of emotions as they journey with Lani. A heartwarming chronicle ensues, traversing the blissful highs and devastating lows she faced along her way to rebirth. Unburying her darkest demons, she inspires us to do the same, gradually weaving threads of transformation and encouraging us to reconnect and reignite the divine flame within our souls.

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My chronic illnesses, uncurable by doctors, had vanished. My allergies dissipated. I started and ended each day with meditation and gratitude instead of a handful of medications. My body knew exactly how to heal itself. After decades of relying on doctors who medicated my symptoms, I learned to trust my body, and it finally found the cure.

One Mistake You Made While Self-Publish Your Book

After experiencing a spiritual awakening and life changing healing, I was inspired to write Rebirth of a Sage in hopes to spread light to those still searching in the darkness. I was eager to share my story, but I had no idea how to write and publish a book. I went online and researched how to self-publish a book. The process seemed easy enough, but I wanted my book to be “perfect” and I lacked the confidence to self-publish Rebirth of a Sage on my own.

Fueled by my fear and insecurity, I paid a company $2,000.00 to help self-publish my book. The company helped with developmental, copy and line edits. Unfortunately, the editor assigned to my project did not share my voice or vision: the suggested edits did not align with my story. For a fraction of the cost, I hired editors with more experience with the genre of my book, and they unanimously removed all the edits made by the original editor.

The company that I hired also created proposed book covers. This process was extremely discouraging as the covers were not representative of my story. Rebirth of a Sage takes place in the forest in Colombia and in Florida, and the company suggested a book cover with an alien space craft. For a fraction of the cost, I worked with an artist I found on Instagram to create a book cover that I love.

The mistake I made while self-publishing my first book was not trusting in myself. I hired a company to help with self-publishing because I did not trust that I could do it on my own. I hired a company, believing that I would make mistakes while self-publishing, but the company could do it perfectly. Through the process, I learned two valuable lessons.

First, nothing and no one is perfect. Paying a company $2,000.00 to help self-publish my book did not give me perfection. To the contrary, working with a company that did not understand my story delayed the publication of my book. No one is born knowing how to walk and talk, and no one is born knowing how to self-publish a book. We may make mistakes when self-publishing a book for the first time, but it is part of the learning process. Learning from our mistakes is an essential part of growth and evolution.

Second, I learned to trust myself. Working with the self-publishing company was a battle. The company had a vision that did not align with my story. The company wanted to change my story to make it less offensive and appealable to a larger audience. The company wanted to use a “sexy” book cover instead of a cover that was more representative of my story. Through the process of self-publishing Rebirth of a Sage, I learned to standing up to the publishing “experts” and trust my intuition. Although it was an expensive lesson to learn, I am proud that I self-published Rebirth of a Sage in a way that authentically tells my tale and honors my story.

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Born in the Philippines, Lani Gonzales immigrated to Virginia, USA, with her family when she was only two years old. Determined to emulate her parents' discipline and ambition, Lani worked through college and law school and is now a practicing partner in a successful law firm in Tampa, Florida. A world-traveling, volunteering, energy-healing, aspiring hypnotherapist, Lani is committed to using her light as a beacon to help others find theirs.

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