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Rescued by the Interstellar Agent (The Lost Romans #1) by Ami Wright

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What's a 31st century girl to do when faced with a gorgeous Roman plucked out of ancient history and dumped into the Ardun gladiator games? She's definitely not supposed to sleep with him...

Minerva Harris is an interstellar intelligence agent with a foul mouth and no work life balance. She is definitely not looking for a relationship. When her boss sends her to planet Ardun following an anonymous tip about abducted humans forced to participate in the local gladiator games, she uncovers a time travel mystery and a sexy Roman who won’t take no for an answer.

If only there weren't so many reasons why they can't be together. And isn’t it her job to find a way to send him back home?

When Marcus Aquilius Felix wakes up to find himself a captive of the Ardun, a race of human-cat hybrids, he thinks at first he’s been taken by the gods. He certainly can’t believe his luck when he finds his own flesh and blood goddess.

If only he could convince her that he’s worth believing in.

Rescued by the Interstellar Agent contains a steamy romance and explicit content. It is intended for readers who are over 18.

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#FREE on Amazon from 18th to 22nd November! Grab your copy.

Ami Wright is a romance author who loves history, food, travel, trashy TV and smutty books. She loves writing science fiction romance with time travelling Romans, feisty cat people and plenty of spice!

Ami lives in Australia with her partner and two kids. If she ever gets any spare time between working, writing and mothering, she reads, cooks, watches history documentaries and dreams of the days when international travel becomes a reality again!

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