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Barely more than a girl, Sannah is taken by a man who is both warrior and shaman in a winter raid on her Stone Age camp. But Memmet believes the spirits have given her to him and he will keep her at any cost.

Two strong people must find the reason they have been brought together, because lives depend upon it.

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He didn’t stop her while she followed the light of the full moon down to the river where water lapped at the banks. Its beneficence spread pools of silver across the dark water, while its pockmarked face looked close enough to touch above the waving fronds of cattails and marsh grass. The beauty momentarily soothed her heart.

“Moon,” she told Jofir, pointing.

“Moo,” he echoed. None of his sounds made sense yet, but he was trying. He knew what the moon was, the same as he had known her face.

“I have no wrap for you,” she apologized, “but let’s do this.” Peeling off the wet one, she tossed it into the water, not caring, then put the baby down on his bare feet near the bank, where water barely kissed him. The river ran shallow until it got below the ford, good for wading or bathing. Holding him, she let its current come up over his little butt, cleaning him. He had always loved water, right from the first, and chuckled happily.

“Water,” she told him. “River.”

That didn’t get the same response as the moon. But there was time enough for that.

“Don’t pee on me,” she said, picking him up again and letting him ride her hip. Then she squatted to scoop cool water over her burning face, washing Memmet’s blood from her cheek and out of her hair. They had a bond of blood now.

There was a spurt against her and she sighed. All Jofir’s changing cloths were in the shelter. Bound by duty, she turned back towards it. Memmet might have slit her bonds the day he took her, but he still held her captive as surely as he had done then.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Sannah has just reached adulthood (in her clan's eyes) and is thinking about how to survive the winter plus who she might end up with. What she doesn't expect is to be taken from her clan along with other women and everyone she knows killed or left to starve. Memmet is doing the best he can for his tribe and if that means kidnapping other women so his survive then so be it.

These two are incredibly well-matched and, as the story progresses, you find out just how 'lucky' Sannah was to have been claimed by Memmet. Meka is there to show just how bad it could be for those taken.

This is a wonderful novel. Being as it is set in ancient times there is a whole different set of world-building going on which I thought was incredibly well done. The characters all have their foibles and idiosyncrasies but remain true to who they are and their time. Sannah's fears and misconceptions were well-written, showing her divided loyalties with her hopes and concerns for the future.

I thought this was a really great read that I thoroughly enjoyed and have no hesitation in recommending.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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