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Scaling the Moon (A Wildewardian Tale #2) by Gwyneira Blythe



#Paranormal, #FF, #Romance, #Historical, #GasLamp,

When magical women are rare, two ladies will dare to let desire lead them this holiday season.

Gorgon-blooded witch Evetta St. Aubert has been abandoned by everyone all her life. A small detail she won’t let hold her back from being the perfect rule-following prefect over her dorms. When winter break comes, that perfect skin is shed to reveal more monstrous desires. Every year, she takes a lover, but none have stayed.

Seamstress and dreamer, Gemma Stein, is considered a pariah due to the vitiligo on her skin. Her father’s machinations would see her bound to his plans with little regard for her true desires. When she has the opportunity to spend more time with the woman of her dreams, their connection soon weaves them tighter than ever before. Yet, if her father has his way, she’ll have no choices left.

Is their flirtation only skin deep or can Evetta and Gemma navigate the trials ahead together?

One thing is certain, they can’t go back to how things were.

Standalone sapphic romance with a Happily-For-Now ending. Gemma and Evetta continue as side characters in The Wildeward Academy series.

Previously published as "Scaling the Moon" in the I Am The Fire: Limited Anthology from Nov 2022-Jan 2023. Rights have been reverted back to the author. Now with more polish!

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4 out of 5 (very good)

SCALING THE MOON is a Wildewardian Tale that accompanies the main series, The Wildeward Academy.

Evetta and Gemma are both supporting characters who still managed to have their own love story alongside Victoria and her coterie. HOWEVER, as with all of this author's characters, I wanted more. I wanted to know how they got together, what troubles they faced... You know what I mean. And this novella delivered all of that and more.

Evetta really comes into her own in this story. You understand more about the role she chooses with Victoria. As for Gemma, well, I already knew her 'father' was a piece of work but this just compounded it. Luckily for me, I've already read Victoria's story, so I knew what happened.

A brilliant side story to an amazing series. I would definitely recommend you read all of them, just so you don't miss anything. Absolutely fantastic.

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Gwyneira Blythe is a romance novel junkie with a love of all things witchy, paranormal, and historical, plus the occasional dashes of sci-fi when the mood hits.

She loves stroopwafels with her hot beverages, believes there will never be a thing as too much garlic, lives for ASMR music while writing, and deep down holds tight to the belief that magic is real and in all of us.

When she's not writing, it's a mad world of toddler tantrums, dogs barking, and a cat dashing underfoot all while sneaking kisses from the bemused husband.

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