Sealed with a Curse by Morgan Sheppard

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A kingdom in mourning… Six princes turned dark in their grief… One maiden holds hope to save them.

Selene, the Swan Herder for the kingdom of Melthkior, once filled her days in the company of the Royal Family. She grew up as a companion for the Princes of the kingdom, and they enjoyed close friendships. But when the Queen died during the birth of her sixth son, everything changed. The King fell into mourning, and the Princes turned dark and cruel in their grief.

Now, as a maiden, Selene must endure the brutal mockery and abuse from those she once called friends. Her only allies are her beautiful swans and those on the kitchen staff who love her. Until the mysterious Conway appears and seems determined to be a part of her life.

Conway is fascinated by the girl with the silver hair and dismayed by how she is treated. He welcomes her into his heart, and Selene slowly begins to trust what she feels is real.

Can Conway show her a different way of life, or will she stay stuck in a cycle of suffering? And when the Gods become involved, a curse strikes the six Princes of Melthkior. Will Selene choose to help them, or leave them to their fate?

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

If you follow my reviews, you'll know I love the books that are steamier and smexier and sometimes more violent. This book is neither, and I loved the fact that it wasn't!

I can't write a blurby bit, so not gonna bother, but I might rave a bit!

Selene is an old soul, I think, that she can, even when faced with the escalation of the bullying from the princes, NOT want them punished in the way they are. She wanted them to LEARN from it, yes, but not to the extent it was.

I loved that the Gods these people prayed to heard them, and stepped in. Loved that they had a voice too, even if it was briefly! The bickering between the Sisters was wonderful to read.

Like it said, it's not steamy, there is the bullying in the beginning though, of Selene by the eldest brothers. It does get physical. Be mindful of that if you have triggers.

There is, though, MUCH love here. Selene loves her swans (as did I!) and the people around the castle. And in time, she does come to love Conway. Who, I thought, was a bit hedgy about why he came to the castle, and i thought there was more to him than there was, but it turns out I was reading between non-existent lines there!

It's full of descriptions, in-depth descriptions of people, places, flowers, and even ribbons! I loved reading those. I could picture them, you know?

I loved all the supporting characters around the castle. I want to know what's got up a certain someone's behind, though, that was never made clear!

What I loved most though, was the interpretation of this tale. I never heard of this tale before, and at the end of this book, there is a bit about various versions and how they differ. I read that, and I loved that little bit of extra info.

There is also a bit that says we might hear from the brothers again, and I really want that! It would be nice to get into their heads, especially the eldest two, NOW rather than before. To see where they are at, and what they thought of their former selves.

All in all, a wonderful read, that kept me up way past my bedtime. I loved it, I really did. Bar Disjointed Lives, this is my favourite read by this author.

5 full and shiny, moon-touched stars

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Originally from the United Kingdom, Morgan Sheppard now resides in Germany, although she freely admits to having left part of her heart in Wales. Whilst a writer mainly in the fantasy genre, Morgan is more than happy to share her love of reading amongst the many different genres out there, and can always be found with a book close by.

As well as reading and writing, Morgan spends her time looking after her family and trying to learn German. Unfortunately, a natural aptitude for languages doesn’t appear to be one of her strong points. However, stubbornness is, so she continues to persevere. So far, Morgan is confident enough to order a beer and a pretzel.

You can also email her at to receive a #FREE copy of Disjointed Lives, a short story about friendships and a toxic relationship.

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