Tour: Sea of Shadows (Sea and Stone Chronicles #2) by Amy Maroney

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Book Title: Sea of Shadows

Series: Sea and Stone Chronicles, Book 2

Author: Amy Maroney

Publication Date: 12th April 2022

Publisher: Artelan Press

Page Length: 396 Pages

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1459. A gifted woman artist. A ruthless Scottish privateer. And an audacious plan that throws them together—with dangerous consequences.

No one on the Greek island of Rhodes suspects Anica is responsible for her Venetian father’s exquisite portraits, least of all her wealthy fiancé. But her father’s vision is failing, and with every passing day it’s more difficult to conceal the truth.

When their secret is discovered by a powerful knight of the Order of St. John, Anica must act quickly to salvage her father’s honor and her own future. Desperate, she enlists the help of a fierce Scottish privateer named Drummond. Together, they craft a daring plan to restore her father’s sight.

There’s only one problem—she never imagined falling in love with her accomplice.

Before their plan can unfold, a shocking scandal involving the knights puts Anica’s entire family at risk. Her only hope is to turn to Drummond once again, defying her parents, her betrothed, even the Grand Master of the Knights himself. But can she survive the consequences?

With this captivating tale of passion, courage, and loyalty, Amy Maroney brings a lost, dazzling world to vivid life.

Sea of Shadows is Book 2 in a series of stand-alone historical novels packed with adventure and romance.

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Summer, 1459

Rhodes Town

A familiar figure strode into view as the doctor departed. The English knight’s slightly bowed legs made his gait a bit awkward, but his broad shoulders and powerful chest hinted at the warrior within.

Drummond’s smile was so wide it hurt. “Glad to see a friendly face, Sir Peter.”

“Good to see you alive, Scotsman.” His friend clapped him on the arm. “Praise God, you made it back in one piece. You look a sight.”

Drummond glanced down at his salt-stained leather armor and boots. He stank, too. Worse than usual.

“There were a few moments I thought we were in real trouble,” he admitted. “A gale blew up and separated the fleet.”

“Did you lose anyone?” the knight asked, looking beyond Drummond at the galley.

“Not a soul, praise Santa Maria,” Drummond replied. “Though we’re still awaiting the arrival of a ship that was crippled in the gale.”

One of his sailors appeared from the bowels of the galley leading three young Frenchmen with bushy beards, dressed in threadbare cotton tunics. To a man, they wore triumphant grins. Drummond shook his head. If he were in their shoes, he’d be slinking along like an alley cat, hoping no one would recognize him.

“Those knights look as Christian as Arab spice merchants,” Sir Peter observed. “How did they fall into the hands of the infidels, anyway?”

“The wee bairns were captured in Cyprus,” Drummond said with a dismissive grunt. “Caught up in some brawl started by Catalans near the Famagusta harbor. They say they were defending a Genoese merchant family that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Their story’s not so far-fetched, really,” Sir Peter mused. “You can’t walk three steps in the Famagusta harbor without tripping over a Catalan pirate.”

“True. But their swords are meant to defend Christendom, not the honor of merchants.”

Sir Peter snorted. “I’d wager they were defending the honor of the merchant’s daughters, if I were a betting man.”

“If?” Drummond chuckled. “You’ve never met a pair of dice you didn’t like.”

One of the young knights pointed at a vessel in the commercial harbor. “See that ship’s banner? It’s from Narbonne. I want to speak to the captain. If he’s heading back to Provence soon, I’ll send a message with him to my family, tell them I’m safe.”

“I’m in no hurry,” said one of the others, stretching his arms over his head. “We could spend the afternoon at the marketplace, and no one at the palace will be the wiser.”

“I’ve got my orders,” Drummond said curtly, “and leisure time for the three of you scunners is not on the list. We can make inquiries of that ship captain, but then we’re heading straightaway to the palace.”

“What’s a scunner?” asked one of them, regarding him with interest.

A nuisance, he replied silently. Aloud, he said, “A young person of note.”

He glanced at Sir Peter, who was having trouble repressing a laugh. “Want to come along?”

His friend’s eyes lit up. “It would be my pleasure, Captain.”

Amy Maroney studied English Literature at Boston University and worked for many years as a writer and editor of nonfiction. She lives in Oregon, U.S.A. with her family. When she’s not diving down research rabbit holes, she enjoys hiking, dancing, traveling, and reading. Amy is the author of The Miramonde Series, an award-winning historical fiction trilogy about a Renaissance-era female artist and the modern-day scholar on her trail. Her new historical suspense/romance series, Sea and Stone Chronicles, is set in medieval Rhodes and Cyprus.

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