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Thank you for keeping us company throughout another difficult year. Let's hope 2022 brings some good news! Until then, I wish you all Merry Christmas, Yuletide Blessings, Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa (plus any I may have missed out!) and a Healthy and Happy 2022.

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Hex Work (Babylon Boy #1) by T.A. Moore

My name is Jonah Carrow, and it’s been 300 days since I laid a hex.

OK, Jonah Carrow isn’t actually an alcoholic. But there’s no support group of lapsed hex-slingers in Jerusalem, so he’s got to make do. He goes for the bad coffee and the reminder that he just has to take normal one day at a time.

Unfortunately, his past isn’t willing to go down without a fight.

A chance encounter with a desperate Deborah Seddon, and a warning that ‘they’re watching’, pulls Jonah back into the world he’d tried to leave behind. Now he has to navigate ghosts, curses, and the hottest bad idea warlock he’s ever met…all without a single hex to his name.

But nobody ever said normal was easy. Not to Jonah anyhow.

Release Date: 23rd November 2021

#UrbanFantasy, #MM, #Romance


Esmeray by Meadow Schmidt

Esmeray - There is something I’ve tried to keep hidden from everyone and he should have never found out about it either. The new guy isn't who I thought he was, but he is the one finding the answers to the issue I've had for years.

Layth - When I went to my new school I never thought I would discover something like this. I found out normal isn't always what it seems to be. There was something special about the girl I fell for.

Release Date 30th November 2021

#YoungAdult, #Paranormal


Court of Monsters (The King's Guard #2) by Cloey Kinney

Althea Silverstream was meant to secure marriage with Bayer, but now she has insulted their queen and ruined their kingdom. The kingdom full of Calumnia, monsters that Althea and her fellow Orions were bred to kill. Until now, a month after Althea reappears with no memories, the war between man and monster already underway.

Althea finds herself torn between remaining with her new love as leaders of the rebellion when a former lover returns with a demand she can't refuse. In doing so, he takes her kingdoms away from where she should be learning about her newfound heritage as a Neque—half-Orion, half-monster. And she's not the only one. Althea questions what exactly being a monster entails, and if that definition is no longer exclusive to the monsters she's meant to kill.

Release Date: 4th December 2021



It's Complicated (A Reservations Story #2) by Kindle Alexander

Nightclub manager Julian Cullen runs Reservations with impeccable precision and a deep sense of pride. But repressed memories from his abduction two years ago surface, leaving him struggling emotionally. Julian vows to reclaim his previous life but doesn’t factor in the biggest distraction of all: the handsome cowboy hanging around the club intent on gaining his attention.

Entrepreneur Beckett St. Clair built an industry-leading survivalist training company through hard work and dedication. The tough-as-nails outdoorsman can navigate any situation or so he thinks…A chance encounter with a guarded nightclub manager leaves him tumbling head over heels into uncharted territory.

One man is lost to his past, the other dreams of a future.

Both men will soon find out love is never easy…it’s complicated.

Release Date: 7th December 2021

#Contemporary, #MM, #Romance,


Incorrigible (Slumming It #3) by S.M. Shade

What have I done?

Everything was going so well. I have a job that I adore and I just earned my degree in library science.

I also have the best friends a girl could want, who weren't about to let my graduation pass without a celebration.

It's not their fault. They couldn't have guessed how it would turn out. If I can help it, they'll never know all those drinks lead to Marty's satisfied face smiling down at me in his bed the next morning.

My concern when we decided to share this apartment with the guys was that we'd be dealing with a steady stream of women running through Marty's bedroom, not that I'd be one of them.

The idea is laughable. Yes, he's good looking. Tall and muscular with golden brown skin from working out in the sun every day. It isn't hard to understand why women fall at his feet when they see him. But I know him.

This is the same guy who never misses a chance to take his shirt off to flex around women and once asked his Alexa to call him Daddy.

It's safe to say nothing will ever happen between us again.

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Release Date: 12th December 2021

#Contemporary, #NewAdult, #Romance,


Healing Christmas (Wayward Wolves #5) by Bethany Shaw

Everything bad that’s ever happened to Amy Green has happened around Christmas. The holiday is cursed. This year is no different; alone in her shop, she is robbed, but what’s worse, the cop who comes to her rescue sees her defend herself. No big deal, right? It is if you’re a werewolf and were partially shifted. Detective Cooper Reed seems determined to find out her secret and Amy is forced to come to terms with her harsh past and delve into a new future—one she never thought possible.

Cooper springs into action when he sees Island Boutique is under siege. What he can’t explain is the beautiful shop owner’s golden eyes or the claws—and weapon that have mysteriously disappeared. Determined to unravel Amy’s secret, Cooper finds himself enthralled with the shy and captivating young woman. Will his curiosity be his undoing, or open the door to a whole new world?

This 25,000 word story can be read as a standalone and has no cliffhanger.

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#Paranormal, #Romance, #Shifters


The Wanderer (The Sin Bin #1) by Dahlia Donovan

When life kicks a wanderer in the bollocks, all he can do is fight for his life.

Bad boy BC Brooks screwed up his lifelong dream of being captain of the English national rugby team. Lost and confused, he hides from his failures until an unexpected inheritance forces him to make a change.

Graham Hodson lives for travel, adventure, and one-night stands. Wanderlust rules his life. He never expects a brief encounter with a stranger to haunt his dreams and follow him across the world.

One diagnosis shakes both men to their core.

One journey through the depths of recovery brings two perpetual bachelors into the unknown territory of love.

The Wanderer is book one in Dahlia Donovan's international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and the men who steal their hearts.


#MM, #Contemporary, #Romance


The Million Dollar Gift by Cheree Alsop

A Touching Christmas Story

When Chase risks his life to save a brother and sister just before Christmas, his life becomes entwined with theirs more intricately than he could have imagined.

˃˃˃ Closed off to the World

Emotional and moving, this is a story of a young man whose troubled heart is tested by the one thing he is unprepared to face, love.

˃˃˃ A Troubled Heart

Can Chase open himself to the one thing he has been missing- family?

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#Contemporary, #Fantasy, #Seasonal,


Now & Then (Parker City Mystery #1) by Justin M. Kiska

Parker City now…Parker City then…Every city has its stories and secrets.

In the spring of 1981, Parker City is rocked by a series of brutal murders. Unthinkable crimes the likes of which are unheard of in the close-knit community. Under great pressure from the powers-that-be, it is made clear to newly minted Parker City Police Detectives Ben Winters and Tommy Mason that their first case could very well be their last if they can’t catch the killer.

Decades later, after distinguished careers in law enforcement, Ben and Tommy find themselves on the eve of retirement. But in their final days on the job, their very first case comes back to haunt them in a heart-wrenching twist, leaving everyone to wonder–did they get it wrong all those years ago? Has the killer been on the loose all this time?

The investigation unfolds simultaneously in the ‘80s and the present as the case of the Spring Strangler looms large over Parker City.

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#Mystery, #PoliceProcedural


Overachiever (Slumming It #2) by S.M. Shade

It started with a summer job and a ridiculous sex dream.

If you were to ask my friends to describe me, they’d tell you I’m an ambitious person. Responsible, driven, and focused on my goals. Words like stubborn and uptight would probably get thrown in there too. I’m not sure about that, but I know who I’m not.

I’m not the woman who lets a guy derail me from my plans. Watching others make that mistake has taught me well. No serious dating. No relationship until I’m successfully settled into my career. That’s the promise I made to myself and I’m determined to keep it.

Despite being an excellent student, there’s one lesson I fear I’ve learned too late. Funny men aren’t as harmless as they seem and should be avoided at all times. They sneak in under your radar and end up under your skirt. One second you’re laughing. The next you’re hunting for your underwear on a hotel room floor. Believe me, it’s not worth it.

If only my heart would stop screaming louder than my brain, I might be able to believe that Owen falls into that category. He’s my friend, but every day we spend together in this hotel, or working on our summer job building houses for charity, the harder it gets to convince myself we shouldn’t be more.

Years of diligence, and I’m being destroyed by a goofy smile.

On #SALE - until 22nd December 2021