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Side Effects

by LJ Greene

Publication date: December 13th 2021

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Who can you trust?

Ally Michels is fresh out of her MBA program at Cal and has landed her dream job at hot, up-and-coming video game developer, Jet Stream Studios, all thanks to her uncle, Jet’s largest venture capital investor. She’s feeling pretty good about her future until an inadvertent blurt in a company meeting brings down upon her the dangerous attention of Jet’s co-founder and chief developer, Marcus Abby.

Beautiful, brilliant, and vicious, Marcus is every bit the arrogant, deceitful founder her uncle warned her about. But in the power-fueled world of venture capital investing, things aren’t always what they seem. When Ally finds herself caught up in a play for corporate control, she must work with Marcus to save the company and an ideal she believes in, while navigating perilous family loyalties and fighting to hold onto her own integrity.

For Ally, there’s just one rule: never, ever trust Marcus Abby. Because the one man she needs to stop a high-stakes plot is the one man who has every reason to want her gone.

SIDE EFFECTS is an adult contemporary, twisty, underhanded, certainly unscrupulous . . . romance.

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When I turned, Marcus was leaning against the white laminate table, resting his weight on the edge. His arms were crossed over his chest, and the rolled-up sleeves of his black shirt revealed the sinuous muscle of his forearms.

He was handsome. It wasn’t the first thing you noticed about him because you were always dealing with a razor-sharp mind. Somehow the physical aspects took a step back.

But having seen him in a real moment when he wasn’t totally in command of everything around him, I found it easier to view him objectively as the young man he was, standing in front of me now, watching warily.

He had perhaps the most flawless facial features I’d ever seen. Almond-shaped eyes that were outlined in naturally graceful brows, and an elegant nose. There was always just the shadow of a mustache over his lip and it made you wonder if shaving had a place in his daily routine. Still, with all of that, his best feature was his hair. It was a plentiful mass of dark waves and disobedient curls that ebbed in a carelessly boyish way off his forehead and behind his ears, showcasing a strong jawline.

It seemed wasteful of the universe to have bestowed those looks on someone whose character was so unpleasant. He was like a golden goose, best viewed out of spitting range. But just for a moment, looking at him standing there, beautiful almost beyond words, I forgot about everything else.

And then he spoke.

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