Sins of the Shadow Walkers (The Familiar Curse #3) by C.L. Bright

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell your enemies from your friends.

Juliet is skeptical of her new allies among the Shadow Walkers. The story they’ve told of her origins can’t possibly be true.

Or can it?

Filled with doubt and confusion, Juliet is sure of only one thing—she must return to the Heathergate Refuge to help Dante and her people.

Seeking help from more spellcasters is risky, especially when she’s still being hunted by members of the Verdugo family, but she has no choice.

Will her new allies help Juliet reunite with Dante, or will their betrayal destroy her and everyone she loves?

4 out of 5 (very good)

SINS OF THE SHADOW WALKERS is the last book in The Familiar Curse, and we finish Juliet and Dante's story. I have loved this couple, I really have, and I certainly didn't want this series to end. The good news is... there is more to come! Yey!! This story wraps up Juliet and Dante (although I still want more) but also leaves it open for other characters.

My reason for 4-stars is this - I wanted to know more about the Shadow Walkers. I get Juliet's history, and I can appreciate how Faye feels. But Kaine, and his mum and dad? The rest of the clan? They were only touched on, and Kaine just sort of disappeared. I am hoping they will feature in future books, so I may get my answers there.

As for some of the others, well now. I'm matching them up in my mind and now I just have to wait to see if my mind matches C.L. Bright's! Nicholas and Sin need to be together. He showed a slight hint of redemption, and Sin is interested in him. Plus, I think he will keep her on her toes, and we all know how Sin hates to be bored. I really want Geori and Serena to get together. I really don't believe Alaric deserves her! And why should the nice guy always finish last? He's the one who has stayed with Serena and supported her. Alaric? Grrr!

I enjoyed this story just as much as the first two, even with the difference in stars. I read it in one sitting, not moving until I had finished. The pacing is smooth and will keep you turning the pages. A brilliant end to this trilogy, and I'm looking forward to the next. Definitely recommended by me.

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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, C.L. Bright is a hard-working homeschooling mom who loves music, cooking, and reading. Even with her busy schedule, she still manages to find time to explore her artistic side by writing tales of unique worlds.

A few middle school typing classes sparked her obsession with writing and launched her creative adventures. Since then, she has devoted herself to exploring the art of storytelling. For several years, she used a pseudonym to write adult romantic novels. When her writing piqued the interests of her daughters, she decided to venture into the young adult genre so they can also enjoy her books.

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