Smith's Corner: Faith & Fox (The Heartwood Series #4) by Jayne Paton

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She’s haunted by her history, but he’s the warm embrace she craves. Can they weather the storm and win their forever?

Faith Cadwell fought like hell to give her daughter a fresh start. Resolving not to repeat the same mistakes she made with her abusive ex-husband, she swore off men the moment she fled his controlling clutches. But the handsome mute guy at her little girl’s recital has her struggling to ignore the feelings stirring in her heart… and on a mission to learn to sign.

Fox Smith’s tough exterior hides a gentle soul. So when a casual encounter re-introduces him to the gorgeous single mom, the born-mute bartender is eager to let his real self show. But when he witnesses Faith’s clear connection with another man, he fears he has no hope for true love.

When Faith’s terrifying ex shows up making menacing threats, she’s grateful for her quiet new hero’s protection. And though Fox still believes the fiery woman belongs to another, he’s determined to fight for their future by any means necessary.

Can they overcome misunderstandings and threats to find their path to happily ever after?


Faith & Fox: Smith’s Corner is the enthralling fourth book in The Heartwood romance series. If you like strong-minded women, protective men, and steamy passion, then you’ll adore Jayne Paton’s pulse-pounding tale.

If you enjoyed any of Susan Stoker books, you'll love reading Faith & Fox Smith’s Corner by Jayne Paton.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

SMITH'S CORNER: FAITH & FOX is the fourth book in the Heartwood series. Fox has been the strong, silent one throughout the story so far, but now we find out why, and how it has affected him. We also learn more about Faith and what she had to deal with. Let's just say, it hasn't been easy for either of them.

Kingsley, I knew was going to turn up. After all, he did in Ash and Alora's story so there's no way he wasn't going to show here. But then, we find out just how much of a sadistic jerk he is, and I really REALLY disliked him. And it was so true what Faith experienced. You can train and train, but when confronted by someone like that, sometimes you do freeze. That's where extra training comes in, to try and stop that reaction from happening.

The romance between Faith and Fox is hot and sweet. She has her concerns, to be fair, none of which have anything to do with Fox. And I loved how she could read him, giving him a voice when he didn't have one.

The thing I love about these books is the heartache you get. Because you know that it will be followed by all the love and romance you could ask for. Now, in true Jayne Paton style, although I thought it was Faith and Fox I wanted, she's moved me along, and now my heart is aching for Storm and Stone, and Hunter and Holden. So much pain!!!! I can't wait.

This is a brilliant series that now has an extra jewel in its crown. Definitely recommended by me.

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