Smith's Corner: Hunter and Holden (The Heartwood Series #6) by Jayne Paton

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Love comes with no guarantees, but that doesn’t stop Hunter from loving the straight guy. Are the obstacles he faces, too big to climb over to win their forever?

After being disowned by his family as a teenager, Hunter Taylor values his friends. Even though he’s from a town where everyone knows everybody’s business, he’s managed to keep one secret for years—his attraction to the straight bartender, Holden Adams.

A heated exchange leaves Hunter questioning whether Holden is as straight as he proclaims. The angry encounters that follow leave Hunter confused until he seeks advice from his friends. With his heart on the line, Hunter isn’t ready to give up the battle to win his forever family.

Holden is left to care for his daughter when his childhood sweetheart skips town. His focus is making sure she has everything she needs, and he doesn’t have time for anything else. Especially Hunter, who for some unknown reason makes it his mission to get into Holden’s face. When anger turns to attraction, Holden is left examining what he believes about himself. The stunning man has the power to touch his heart, but his aren’t the only feelings to consider. Now he must decide if taking the risk of his life will gain what his heart desires—Hunter.

Can they overcome the barriers together to find their path to happily ever after?


Hunter & Holden: Smith’s Corner is the captivating sixth book in The Heartwood romance series. If you like strong-minded men and steamy passion, then you’ll adore Jayne Paton’s pulse-pounding tale.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

SMITH'S CORNER: HUNTER AND HOLDEN is the sixth book in the Heartwood series. I've been waiting for these two for what feels like forever, and you know what they say about expectations... Well, let me tell you know, this was NOT a disappointment!

Hunter and Holden make the perfect couple, each one wanting what the other can offer. Of course, they don't see that straight away, which brings its own difficulties! Hunter, bless him, has wanted Holden for years but didn't do anything about it, thinking Holden was straight. It's only when Holden started acting 'strangely' that Hunter thought there might be something there, and took a big risk with his heart. Oh, and how it hurt! Honestly, I wanted to slap both of them up-side the head at times but, luckily for me, Coco was there to do it for me.

She is Holden's daughter, straight-talking, no-nonsense and I CAN'T WAIT FOR HER TO MEET SOMEONE!!! And yes, that needs to be in caps. Why? Because not only do I think she'd make whoever it was work for it in the best kind of way, (this girl knows her own worth), but she's also a geek, which I love. Not only that, but I can already see Holden having a breakdown and Hunter talking him off the ledge. Please, Ms Paton, please?!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this series up until now, and am so thankful there are more to come. I only hope Monty and Dakota are one of them. I would say though, that Hunter and Holden is my favourite story of the series. Once they got past the angry stage and allowed themselves to feel, it was no-holds-barred and I loved every word.

An absolute corker and highly recommended by me.

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