Smith's Corner: Storm & Stone (The Heartwood Series #5) by Jayne Paton

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She’s overcome past obstacles, but is the wall, the man she love’s, too big to scale to win their forever?

Storm Harrison values honesty after starting life going from one foster home to another, where people were anything but honest. She learns never to be afraid to admit to how she feels or goes after what she wants. After a brief encounter with the handsome, middle Smith brother, Stone, he rejects her. But her heart isn’t ready to give up the fight.

Stone Smith’s hard exterior hides insecurities. So when a heated encounter reveals that the stunning girl next door has the power to touch his heart, years of insecurities take charge, and he walks away. But Storm offers him a second chance, now he must face his fears to gain what his heart desires, love.

Can they overcome fears together to find their path to happily ever after?


Storm & Stone: Smith’s Corner is the captivating fifth book in The Heartwood romance series. If you like strong-minded women, protective men, and steamy passion, then you’ll adore Jayne Paton’s pulse-pounding tale.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

SMITH'S CORNER: STORM AND STONE is the fifth book in the Heartwood series. Stone has always been the odd-one-out amongst his brothers; the one they turn to when they need a favour, but not to give him the relationship he wants. He feels firmly stuck on the periphery when he wants to be involved. Storm knows all abut that as she was a foster child until Dee and Layla found her. Whereas Stone will hold it all inside, Storm will lay it out there.

These two don't have it easy, simply because Stone is so afraid of being hurt again. He pushes Storm away until he snaps. It takes him some time to realise she is different from his ex, Vicki, but then, just like the proverbial bad smell, Vicki rolls back into town, with Stone set firmly in her sights.

One thing I adored about this is no matter Vicki's machinations, Storm is not prepared to jump to conclusions. She knows Stone, knows how he feels about Vicki, and how hurt he was. She does not jump to conclusions Vicki wants her to, and certainly gives as good as she gets.

We also get further snippets of Hunter and Holden, as well as playing catch up with the rest of the clan. Now, you could read this as a standalone, but to get the most from it, I would definitely recommend you read it as part of the series.

A great addition to the series and recommended by me.

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