Smoke & Gold (Darker Desires #1) by Tesla Storm

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Vivianna Sky is addicted to demons.

She’s found the perfect high in Astaroth, infernal prince of Hell. But when he refuses to possess her, Vivianna unleashes him on the world, and the Reformed Church—more cult than church—wants her dead for it. And they're not alone. The wendigo, a monster Viv has only heard of in stories, is hunting her too.

Enter Adrian Graves: the priest-in-training hired to kill Vivianna. The only problem? He's possessed, and when Vivianna takes his demon, a bond stronger than their immediate attraction makes hurting her impossible.

Then Vivianna learns that Adrian works for the Reformed Church, the same entity that killed her mother, and no bond is enough to convince her to forgive him—even when he uncovers evidence to bring the cult to justice. Passion rises as the world burns, and Viv is left with a choice: forgive and fight, or sink deeper into darkness?

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Vivianna Sky is an addict, but not in the way you think. She must fight her addiction and demons to save herself and her Mama. Unsure of whether she will be able to she gets a helping hand from an unlikely source!

When I first started reading the story I found myself annoyed with Vivianna with her being an addict then I found out what she was an addict too.

A story that is quite full of action battling demons both physically and mentally but a rewarding fight.

There are a couple of sex scenes but they aren't crudely written quite gentle in all honesty.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can see me really getting stuck into the series.

A definite recommendation from me for you to read

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Tesla Storm is a Pennsylvania-based author who loves romance with big Gothic houses, strong heroines, and flawed heroes. She spends her time with her nose in a book when she's not writing one herself.

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