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NBtM & #Giveaway: Swipe Right for Murder by Polly Harris

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DATING IS TOUGH. ESPECIALLY IF THE GUY YOU LIKE MIGHT BE A SERIAL KILLER. After a devastating heartbreak and a string of short-lived, failed relationships, college student Georgie Itoyama has now decided to approach dating in the same way that she approaches everything else: methodically, logically, and efficiently. Georgie downloads countless dating apps, determined to find the love of her life as easily as she orders jeans online. And while her love-at-first-sight aspirations don’t exactly come true, she does find someone she likes. Quite a lot. There’s only one problem. Girls are going missing at Georgie’s university, and all the signs are pointing to . . . him? But that’s ridiculous. What are the chances that she’s dating an actual serial killer? Then she matches with Nate. Mysterious, intelligent, and oddly fixated on solving the local disappearances. As Georgie’s relationships deepen with each of her guys, she unwittingly finds herself caught up in the mess that is murder, intrigue, and the nightmare of online dating.

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I laugh, and Ash finally breaks too, standing closer until he’s inches away from me. I look up at him, his forehead almost resting against my own. “You really gonna make out with a boring, nonbusiness-owning shop girl? You’re putting your gold-digging aspirations to shame,” I say.

“I don’t know about that boring part, but yes, I am totally going to make out with you,” he replies.

I giggle, but then he’s already kissing me. He deftly sets our coffees aside on the counter, and then presses me against the nearest bookshelf. His hand glides along my cheek and into my hair, and I can feel him smiling against my lips.

There’s this moment of suspension, like time means nothing, like we could stay here forever and I’d never notice, never miss anything else. And I remember now why I wanted a boyfriend again. The best thing about this whole process, the element I missed the most. Not the fun dates, not the flirty banter, not even the kissing, per se, but this. This feeling of going crazy. Like losing your mind on purpose.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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After Georgie feels like everybody else around her is growing up and settling down. She finally feels she is able to start dating herself after her last rough relationship so she downloads a couple of dating apps and gets a couple of matches. At the same time around her university campus there are murders happening and both of the men she has been matched and on dates with could possibly be the murderer! Ash has a connection to every single one of the victims and Nate has an unhealthy obsession with the details of every attack going.

Well I did not expect that! I normally have a good radar on who the culprits are but this really blind sighted me! Excellent writing it really did have me gripped throughout just when you think you've got it all covered something comes out of nowhere and surprises you. It is a seriously thrilling book with twists and turns round every corner. When Georgie goes away with ash I was almost screaming at her don't be so stupid a cabin in the middle of nowhere is definitely a recipe for disaster. I never expected the drama that followed though.

A well written novel with drama, love and murder. What more could you ask for!

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Polly Harris is the author of six YA novels and runs her own editorial company where she works on books just like this one. When Polly isn’t writing or editing, she can be found cuddling her cat (professionally known as her editorial assistant), crafting, or swiping through dating apps.

Twitter: @PaulineCHarris



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