The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge by Mitzi Szereto

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Taking It Personally

When it comes to strong emotions, people can react in strange and unexpected ways. Whether it’s a heart hurt by unrequited love or a lover so passionate they’ll stop at nothing to get their way, even the most seemingly mild-mannered soul can suddenly flip, becoming consumed by dark intentions.

The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge, like the other books in the popular The Best New True Crime Stories series, contains original nonfiction accounts penned by writers from across the literary spectrum. From Paris in the 1910s to India in the 2000s, this collection will take you around the globe to explore twisted true tales of passion and obsession turned violent. Join the award-winning, crime-savvy contributors, and examine why some individuals have fully embraced their dark side, resorting to crime to achieve their own special brand of satisfaction and retribution.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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Basically what it says on the cover. A mix of different crimes that have been committed over the years some I haven't even heard of. In some parts it seemed like it was a rush to get to the end of the information and in others although it was in someway related to what was written it just slightly seemed to go off track which to me made it a bit awkward for smooth reading.

A very factual book and a lot of research has been done for the information.

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Mitzi Szereto ( is an author and anthology editor of multi-genre fiction and nonfiction. Her books, which include her true crime franchise "The Best New True Crime Stories," encompass true crime and crime fiction, gothic fiction, cozy mystery, satire, parody, horror, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, literary erotic fiction, and general fiction and nonfiction. She has appeared at major international literature festivals and taught creative writing around the world, including several universities in the United Kingdom. She has the added distinction of producing the first anthology of erotica to include a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Mitzi is the creator and presenter of the London-based web TV channel "Mitzi TV," and also plays herself in the pseudo-documentary British film "Lint: The Movie." Her blog of (neglected) personal essays can be found at "Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog."

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